When The Sun Sets Releases New Video “Inside Out.”

Huntley-based pop-punk band When The Sun Sets releases their first single of 2021 titled “Inside Out.”

When The Sun Sets is a pop-punk band that features Zack Baumgartner on guitar and vocals, Harrison Hoffman on lead guitar, Noah Evert on Bass guitar, and Tyler Dombrowski on drums. The band formed in late 2018 and since then has released two EP’s and a handful of singles, and Inside Out is a welcome addition to their relatively extensive discography.

“Inside Out” showcases the band’s unique approach to pop-punk by combining catchy and energetic pop-punk lyrics with heavy and more complex riffage found in older metal and classic rock. The song indeed shows where the band’s influences come from, and it grabs from a little bit of everything without making the song seem disjointed.

What brings the song full circle and truly makes it feel like a When The Sun Sets song is Zack’s vocals. Along with the rest of their discography, “Inside Out” puts Zack’s incredibly talented vocal performance at the forefront. The song also changes and mutates into a whole other beast and creatively transitions from one section to another, leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next little piece of ear candy.

The band signed to Lost Music Collective early last year and have since put out their second EP Transparent, their single Sunflower, and now this year with Inside Out under them. The band seems on a roll and shows no signs of stopping despite the constant obstacles the music industry faces with the ongoing pandemic.

Inside Out also has an eye-catching music video shot and directed by Alex Zarek. Check out the video here!

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