UNA MIA Releases Fear and Embraces Self-Love in Debut Release “Lose You” With COLORSxSTUDIOS

By Justice Petersen

Standing tall in a bright forest green room in front of a microphone hanging from the ceiling, UNA MIA wears a sequined denim outfit and black chunky boots as she delivers the smooth, sultry melodies of her debut single. With the help of COLORSxSTUDIOS, the Toronto-based pop artist has brought “Lose You”, her soothing and emotional introductory release, to a new level.

UNA MIA teamed up with COLORSxSTUDIOS, a music platform dedicated to promoting new and up-and-coming musicians from around the world, for the premiere of her debut single “Lose You”. Complimenting the mellow, alt-R&B track with a calming and peaceful stage, COLORSxSTUDIOS was able to bring out the underlying healing themes within the song.

“It feels so fulfilling to finally share my music with the world after dedicating so much time and effort to creating it,” UNA MIA says. “COLORS is a platform that I’ve admired for years and where I discovered some of my favorite artists. I feel so grateful to be a part of something so special. The experience of preparing for the performance and actually doing it felt like a dream come true.”

COLORSxSTUDIOS artist performances are accompanied by minimalist visuals and sound to present the music without any distractions. UNA MIA says she feels a connection to this vision, as it reflects the music she writes.

“I like the interesting polarity of having a minimalistic background in contrast to really powerful and captivating performances,” she says. “Similarly in my own music, I prefer to keep things stripped yet strong. Even though there may not be a lot going on in a beat, the message of the song and the delivery of the vocals is always intentional and refined.”

When it comes to her songwriting, UNA MIA writes each song in the style of a diary entry. Inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift, UNA MIA takes a storytelling approach to her songwriting. By doing so, she learns more about herself and what she holds to be true.

“Doing it in the style of a diary entry allows me to reflect on my life and process subconscious emotions,” she says. “I also believe it is one of the most authentic ways to write because it is guided by an honest and unfiltered stream of consciousness.”

UNA MIA’s songs are stories of her navigating through life’s journeys and further discovering herself. Her debut single, “Lose You”, was written during a time when she felt a lot of negativity towards herself. This negativity impacted the relationship UNA MIA was in at the time, and “Lose You” is ultimately about the anxiety that comes with trying to salvage a relationship and not wanting to lose somebody.

“I came to understand that the more care and love I showed myself, the more the partnership would naturally thrive,” she says. “The making of ‘Lose You’ was an act of processing, working through, and releasing pent-up fears that were not serving me anymore for the sake of a fresh start with my significant other.”

The studio version of “Lose You” will be released on Nov. 17. This is the first look at her debut EP which is set to come out in early 2024. “Lose You” is a beautiful reflection of the upcoming EP, which continues to explore themes of self-love, freedom, and self-discovery that UNA MIA’s music ultimately conveys. UNA MIA says that the album is a coming-of-age story that encourages listeners to become their own hero and go after what they are passionate about the most.

Growing up, UNA MIA was always surrounded by music. Her mother was a huge fan of blues and R&B artists like Etta James, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin. Her family is also from Bosnia, so Balkan folk music was always played in her home. UNA MIA channeled the soulfulness found in these iconic blues musicians while taking classical voice training for ten years. UNA MIA soon decided to pursue music as a career when she realized it was what she felt most spiritually connected to.

When she was 18, friends and family pressured UNA MIA to drop her music ambitions to pursue school instead. However, once COVID-19 shut everything down, UNA MIA jumped at the chance to follow her dreams once again.

“If you find yourself repeatedly coming back to a hobby or passion with more enthusiasm than for the job you’re working or the program you’re in, it’s probably meant to be in your life,” UNA MIA says. “It always pays off to try rather than to leave something you care about in the abyss and feel regretful in the future that you never went after it. Trusting yourself and not allowing other people’s doubts to cloud your vision is key. You have to believe and stay focused.”

Watch “Lose You – A COLORS SHOW” here.

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Toronto-born, Belleville-raised Alt-R&B/Pop songstress UNA MIA undoubtedly embodies all that it means to be your own hero. Marked by soothing melodies and intoxicating lyrics, UNA’s music encapsulates her experience as she navigates her way through adolescence into early adulthood while discovering her sense of self along the way.

Raised by her mother, a first-generation immigrant from Bosnia, UNA grew up listening to Balkan folk music woven in with blues and R&B. Artists such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles proved a substantial influence on her own sonic development. After uprooting to the small town of Belleville, just two-hours outside of Toronto, UNA continued harnessing her love for music through classical voice lessons and performing theater and opera at local competitions.

At the age of 18, UNA felt pressure from family and peers to abandon music and focus her pursuits on academics, so she reluctantly enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston where she studied English Literature. In her third year, the world slowed down due to Covid, and UNA seized the opportunity to take control of her life and get back to her passion for making music.

She left school and began developing friendships across the music industry in Toronto while posting covers on TikTok. After experiencing the ups and downs of the industry, UNA yearned to make a statement through her music that would empower women to take charge of their own narrative. She has since built a powerhouse team of supportive men and women that respected her and her vision.

Embarking on her new journey, UNA has devoted herself to creating her most honest and vulnerable songs yet. Readying her debut, UNA explains her forthcoming project serves as a personal reflection – written in the style of diary entries – and tells an emotionally beautiful story. For UNA, the body of work represents taking flight and launching herself into the world as she discovers her freedom and inner healing. Moody and sensitive, yet assertive and honest, the project is a “coming of age” tale centered around personal growth, fighting for one’s autonomy, navigating womanhood, and coming to terms with an unknown future. This collection of records is fully enveloped in her love for R&B and Soul and her ever-evolving music style.


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