UKNWN – Bussdown (Review)

Review by: Benjamin Kimia

London MC UKNWN is easily identified by the ski mask he wears in every photo. UKNWN’s last full-length project was back in 2018, but he recently dropped a series of singles, the latest of which being Bussdown.

Stylistically, UKNWN wears his influences on his sleeve. Travis Scott is a clear influence in the production and composition of the song, with an outro clearly inspired by Mike Dean. On the chorus, UKNWN sings in a style similar to Young Thug or Post Malone, while still displaying characteristics of Grime and showing off his unique flair. There are moments on this track where his voice sounds really unique, like some of his ad libs, or the way he transitions into the second verse.

UKNWN comes off with a lot of personality on the track. He effortlessly transitions from rapping to singing without losing a second of momentum. In just three minutes and ten seconds, UKNWN experiments with several different flows and vocal effects. UKNWN didn’t waste any time on this track. He clearly has multiple different styles in his arsenal and does a good job of displaying his versatility.

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