Not Funny; Tink’s “Goofy” is An Emotional Ride

By: Zoe Elerby

Trinity Home was born in Calumet City, singing in her local church and eventually finding interest in writing her own songs at the mere age of twelve years old. Now at twenty-seven years old, she is known across all music platforms as ‘Tink’. On Spotify, Tink has over two- million listens, and a roster of collaborations to add to her increasing resume. Tink has been shelved and supported by Timbaland’s label and Mosley Music Group, as well as collaborating with the musician himself.

From 2010 when Tink started to 2022, the hip-hop beauty has the makings of the next big black female artist. Her most recent release, “Goofy” is her latest single that will be on her new album “Pillow Talk” set to release on August 19th. “Goofy” has 616k views after its release three weeks from the time this review was written. “Pillow Talk” is an album and a theme that hits very close to home for a lot of women. There is a toxicity within affairs and unspoken intimacy, which Tink covers very clearly in the trailer for the album and “Goofy”’s music video.

As you scroll through Tink’s Youtube channel, the color red seems to be a common theme with Tink’s music. As red is the color of passion, love and sex, the symbolism of the color becomes more relevant in Tink’s latest single. “Goofy” is a song about a woman trapped in an affair that she knows is anything but good for her. But she feels trapped by the sex she has with him, she feels addicted to the feeling and therefore she’s acting “Goofy”.

I oughta be ashamed, words they just can’t explain. My mama, she ain’t raise me like that.” “Halfway past stupid (stupid), this fool got me foolish. What the fuck am I doin’?” Throughout the video, there is a plethora of red symbolism, from what Tink is wearing, to the man’s shorts and the bed they lay on. Even in the car during the first minute of the video, Tink is wearing a red bra that can be seen as she and the man in question are in shadow. With shots in the dark and in dim lighting, sex is a priority yet it is also what is hindering our protagonist, Tink.

The video is an entire story of a woman who is trapped and it culminates into the man she was sleeping with, was not only cheating on his first girlfriend with her but he was also cheating on Tink with someone else as she pulls red panties from the bottom of his car. He kicks her out of the car, leaving her stranded on the highway, throwing the panties toward him. In the next scene, Tink is with an OBGYN, getting an ultrasound to find that she is pregnant with his child.

Not only is the video shot beautifully, Tink herself is a stunning force throughout the story, doing her best to listen to her intuition but ultimately failing and then taking the initiative to stand up for herself against the man who hurt her and is the father of an unwanted child. She created a narrative that many, many women relate to, especially in the age of social media and hookup apps. “Pillow Talk” is set to release on August 19th, to which the trailer gives us exactly what we need.

Pre-order Pillow Talk here! The trailer was released only a few days ago and captures the essence of trying to overcome the pain of a broken relationship, hence why “Goofy” will be extremely relevant in the full length piece.

The album’s trailer doesn’t have as much red symbolism, in fact, the trailer is shot in mostly black and white. We get multiple shots of Tink in diamonds and beautiful chains, as well as furs and fancy cars, symbols that are very prominent in the hip-hop/R&B genre today, especially with women songwriters such as Megan Thee Stallion, SZA, and even Doja Cat. Tink has a very hardened expression on her face as she narrates how tired she is of being treated poorly, so she will start treating herself like royalty.

You can find “Goofy” on all music streaming platforms and Tink’s Youtube channel.

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