Biography: This trio from Chicago came together in a way no one would have expected. Billy and Pete are cousins and began writing together – only problem was they had no singer.

During a shift at work, Billy’s co-worker said he knew of someone. Little did Billy know, that someone has performed for the President, at the Grand Ole Opry, and even alongside the Temptations. It was clear Billy and Pete found someone special. His name was Micah D. Nelson.

Around this time, Pete’s father passed away, and he wanted to honor him with a song. Before meeting Micah, Billy told him of this song and sent him lyric ideas for it. When the trio officially met at Pete’s studio, Micah had those special lyrics prepared. Pete and Billy were absolutely blown away by not only his lyrics to honor Pete’s dad but his voice. This song eventually became “Carry Me Across The Water.”

Right then and there, Billy said “I have a theory by this time next year we will have a whole album written.” It came true. By putting their heart and souls into this album, trio has even signed with Dark Star Records.


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