The Most Popular Instrument That Songwriters Use

When we’re enjoying a good piece of music, we might not think too deeply about all the work that went into creating it. A song is an amalgamation of talented people, melodies, chords, and lyrics blending together to make something that stands on its own.

However, attaining that end goal is often easier said than done. But the process can become more seamless when you use the most optimal instrument for songwriting. That’s why you’ll want to know about the most popular instrument that songwriters use.

The Piano

It may or may not surprise you, but the piano is the most preferred instrument for songwriters of all genres to use. Of course, you can create a hit song from any instrument you choose, but it might not offer what a piano does. A piano will allow you to expand your musical skills and abilities regardless of the instrument you regularly play. That’s why the piano is a staple in most music rooms, even if it’s not utilized on the stage.

Why It’s the Best

The reason why the piano is one of the best instruments for songwriting is due to the endless possibilities and ease of creating. The piano is a polyphonic instrument, meaning it can produce a certain amount of notes at the same time. The polyphonic maximum will depend on the type of keyboard you have, but you can see a wide range from 16 all the way up to 256 notes. For comparison, a six-string guitar only has a six-note maximum. The greater the polyphonic notes your instrument makes, the more intricate and sophisticated chords and arrangements you can create.

So Much Variety

You may think that a piano might not work for your genre, but that’s incorrect. The piano is fantastic for creating what many refer to as the “bare bones” of a song—that is, the melody, beginning chords, and progressions. It’s exactly that type of incredible variety that makes the piano one of the most popular instruments for songwriters to use.

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