The Killer Kitchen Utensils

Year Formed: 1988
Year Ended: 1995
Genre: Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal


What Are They?
The Killer Kitchen Utensils are the epitome of the “Power Trio,” cultivating their musical influences from Punk, Hardcore, Thrash, Speed Metal and Grindcore along with their brutally frank lyrics about today’s human condition.

Who Are They?
Andy Smith: Guitarist-Vocalist-Delivery Man founded the band in the summer of 1988 under the moniker, Cemetery. Not being fully pleased with this cliche heavy metal name, the band felt they needed a more original tag to describe their style.

As fate would have it, original drummer Dennis (last name withheld to protect the innocent) attacked his mother with a meat cleaver and thus, the Killer Kitchen Utensils were born.

After exhausting the talents of two bass players, two rhythm guitarists, and one drummer — the band now believes that it has the right ingredients to complete their goal.

The ingredients are: Steve Steelman, drummer/locksmith, and Eric Clark, bassist/gigolo.

The combination has been tested in the most degenerate and dangerous of markets, and has emerged as a stirring tribute to American musical genius and mayhem.

With the release of the new tape, The Killer Kitchen Utensils ’92, it is evident that the band’s goal of world kitchicide is growing near!

The Killer Kitchen Utensils ’92 is the third — and in the band’s opinion — their strongest release to date. With eight songs of frantic thrash and a burning time of twenty-five minutes, these boys spit ’em out fast and furious, like a blender ripping through your head…

Andy Smith – Guitar/Vocals
Joe Montalbano – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dennis Kelly – Drums (1988-1990)
Steve Steelman – Drums (1990-1993)
Eric Clark – Guitar/ Bass
Tony Leonardi – Bass (1990-1991)
Rob Antilla – Bass (19?-19?)

Venues Performed at:

Iron Rail, The Thirsty Whale, Odyssey, Medusa’s, Club Studola, and many more


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