The Glass Hour

Tracy DeMarco – Harp, voice, orchestration
Brian Bradbury – Guitars, drums, bass

Blending elements of traditional and experimental harp atmospherics with electric progressive rock undertones, orchestral imaginations, acoustic electric guitar and, haunting, yet soulful lyrics, The Glass Hour is exactly what its title proclaims. Listen – see – through new eyes, and experience the soundtracks of imagined times, imagined lives, and the living spirit of the natural world.

Harpist Tracy plays various solo and group engagements in the Chicago area while continuing to record in studio on new Glass Hour and solo compositions. Though not currently working with TGH, Ed and Matt continue to work on solo recordings, as well as live performances in progressive rock.

As primary composer on current works, Tracy periodically invites other instrumentalists to add their unique touch to the glass hour project. Progressive rock/metal guitarist Brian Bradbury has joined in The Glass Hour’s next album in progress, “Ever After”. Overall, the mood and spirit of TGH will always contain that element of another age, a world out of time. Thank you friends.

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