Thamatic – Medicine (single)

After the success of the EDM futuristic concept EP “The Cyberpunk Trilogy”, Thamatic is making a mixtape to band together and collaborate with other musicians.

The song attached “MEDICINE” is a CHICAGO artist collaboration with Thamatic, Kevin Hues and Jay Mundo.

Biography: Skillfully paving the way with a unique blend of electronic ambiances and soulful, considerate songwriting, Chicago’s Thamatic are an act with a clear vision and passion for the process.

Driving with a string of entrancing releases, from the striking synths of After School through the deeply thoughtful Lorazepam, to their more recent and blissfully melodic “Spacesuit” (Read review by Electro Wow here), the band show no signs of slowing down, and there’s nothing at all that can get in their way.

Though the band began with just three key members, the set-up evolved to welcome a team of dozens, each uniquely connected to the music and focused on helping produce brilliantly immersive audio and video experiences for contemporary music fans.

The crisp and compelling sound of Thamatic is the result of over ten years in the zone – creating, writing, mastering the art of meaningful expression and musical embrace all at once. Their ability to walk the line between mainstream pop and alternative, experimental electronica is a huge part of what gives them their edge. So too is their gorgeously poetic and provocative way with writing.

Highlighting a diverse and eclectic approach to artistry, the Thamatic model for creativity is one designed to inspire and uplift musicians and artists across the globe – to motivate them towards breaking through boundaries, utilizing every instrument and idea in a freely creative and open manner. They are the ghosts of rock and roll, with an unshakable belief that rock doesn’t have to be confined to a handful of instruments.

While 2019 has undoubtedly seen the band reach admirable new heights, this is still very much the beginning.

Thamatic is currently un-signed, self-funded and seeking a label to take their music and vision to the next level. The upcoming projects including a self-titled EP and later a full length album intriguingly titled “The Final Album” which will showcase a climactic gathering of moments from years making music beyond the point at which most musicians inevitably quit. Knowing well and truly that there has never been a better time to be alive or to build a following, Thamatic are set on their dream of continuing and ultimately establishing a legacy.

Jay Mundo:

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Jay Mundo knows the meaning of hard work more than anyone else. From rapping with friends as a kid to releasing his first EP at age 17, hip hop has continually played a pivotal role in Jay’s life.

His originality and cleverness continues to create music which leaves listeners speechless and wanting more.

Jay is part of We Live Young Forever entertainment team based in Chicago, Illinois and San Diego, California.

Kevin Hues:

From Chicago, Kevin Hues may be the next Kanye West with his impeccable vocal hooks and producing skills. Kevin sung and created the chorus for Medicine.
Over the course of his career, Kevin Hues has amassed more than 11 million streams worldwide with his music on YouTube as a producer and artist.
His production can be heard worldwide, but most notably on his self-produced “Eclipse EP” and on “Love EP” by DJ Caleeb.

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