Biography: Tangerine is a Seattle-based trio, comprised of sisters Marika and Miro Justad, and Toby Kuhn. They make shimmery, guitar-based pop, and the press have likened them to Best Coast, Camera Obscura, and Speedy Ortiz. Initially a high school band, the three went their separate ways after graduation, but soon found themselves missing the vitality of performing together. In late 2012, Tangerine was formed, and their music quickly began drawing accolades from NME, the Guardian, Noisey Vice, Rookie Mag, and more. Among their wide-ranging influences,Tangerine lists the Strokes, The Clash, Haim, Velvet Underground, Courtney Love, Charli XCX, and and Mazzy Star, fusing rock n roll with R&B, 90s slacker rock, and chart pop. While their songs are filled with pop hooks,Tangerine never abandon’s their natural rawness, which makes their live shows so explosive.