Sweetjane X – Trust Fund Baby (New Single)

Elaine Frost is Sweetjane X, a singer, songwriter, music teacher and business owner living in New Orleans. Her debut album Life On Venus exhibits a channel-changing freedom, switching between an eclectic mix of pop, electronic, dance and R&B. But even in its wildest “alter ego” moments, the album is empowering, fun and bubblegum-level addictive. LIFE ON VENUS Available 6/4!

“Trust Fund Baby” SINGLE OUT NOW!

Written and recorded in one afternoon, this scathing, hilarious diss track comes from a lifetime spent fending off entitled, emotionally-stunted men. With its slick production, feisty vocals, tight harmonies and big hook, you’ll have “Trust Fund Baby” on repeat for weeks!

“Sketches” SINGLE OUT NOW!

getting lost in Amsterdam + Miles Davis + falling in love + muziekboot + @reiniersijpkens + many surprises = ✨”Sketches”✨

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Official: https://www.sweetjanex.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elainesweetjane/

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