“It’s a hoppin’ lil’ number, just played on today’s show!  Happy Holidaze!” – Abe Perlstein, Producer & Host  97.3 KEBF-FM | 107.9 KZSR-FM  The Rock Community Radio
Hot off the press and already in it’s first week of radio rotation,  this upbeat and sassy blues tune has been rockin’ the airwaves on national and international stations, showcasing the best of Chicago with a rollicking horn section featuring the Green Mill’s late night horn maestro Eric Schneider and veteran brass man Jack Gallagher.  Parisian guitarist Martin Gioani  lays in some swingin’ licks from across the pond, and Susie Blue’s sassy vocal tops it all off,  telling the roving story of the jaunty Boogie Woogie Santa.  This song will get your toes tappin’ and is a refreshing break from the usual nostalgic holiday offerings… it’s lively fun, sometimes irreverent, and definitely a merry and romping Christmas frolic.
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Happy Holidays!