Spring Awakening Early Access Preview

By: Dennis M. Kelly / Photos © 2021 by: Roman Sobus

It is Spring Awakening time in Chicago, but this time, primarily due to COVID, we get to experience the magnificent festival in the fall for the Autumn Equinox. This will be a big benefit for festival-goers who will get a few extra hours of darkness to truly enjoy the lighting and the performers themselves.

The festival is being held once again at Addams/Medill Park but has occupied several locations since its incarnation in 2008.

We met with LiveXLive founder and CEO Bob Allen, LiveXLive President Dermot McCormack & Spring Awakening Festival Director Sig Greenebaume who answered questions and gave us a tour of the festival grounds. Bob Allen stated that “LiveXLive has already streamed 1,800 artists this year with over 5 billion engagements” and that the company alone “went from 60 employees prior to COVID and now up to 270 employees,” so they’ve seen some tremendous growth in a very short amount of time.

Allen added that they’re will be roughly 2,000 people working hard to bring you the Spring Awakening event that you’ve come to love and come back for and they’re bringing a healthy dose of “bands, brands & fans” this weekend.

It was announced that those who bought a ticket also got a free subscription to LiveXLive which will also great festival-goers a lot of surprise giveaways every hour throughout the weekend, so make sure you’ve downloaded the LiveXLive app to win!

The festival is definitely a very high-end production and they’ve spared no expense to ensure everyone enjoys this last hurrah for Chicago’s music festival season. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, tickets are still available at https://springawakeningfestival.com/.

For those who have had tickets, make sure you’ve checked out their festival guide here.

Here are some preview photos for you to enjoy and we hope you enjoy this wonderful music festival, they’ve got a lot of great artists performing this year, and great temps to enjoy the festival in!

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Spring Awakening Music Festival:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpringAwakeFest
Instagram: https://instagram.com/springawakefest


Official: https://www.livexlive.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/livexlive
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