Sophie Shredz Drops Rebellious New Single “Eyez On Me”

By Justice Petersen – Photo by: @kkarasaurr

As she puts a dark and edgy twist on the traditional pop star image, Nashville-based musician SOPHIE SHREDZ is unique for her industrial hyper-pop sound. Combining classic rock guitar shredding with modern-day techno elements, SHREDZ is just what the pop world needs – a songwriter who is hard-hitting, unique, and eager to embrace the provocative.

In her newest single, “EYEZ ON ME,” released on September 29, SHREDZ continues to bring catchy pop melodies and auto-tuned vocals together with heavy bass and guitars. Accompanied by a powerful, Fight Club-inspired music video, the song was written after a fight that SHREDZ found herself in which resulted in her receiving a lot of negative attention from those around her.

“That was actually one of the first songs that I wrote for the project, and I was just in this situation where I felt like everybody was watching me,” she says. “It’s all about perspective too. When you get into fights with people, I feel like everybody is paying attention to what’s happening.”

It became a situation where SHREDZ was being painted as somebody she wasn’t. Rather than wallowing in these potentially shameful emotions, SHREDZ decided to reclaim the event and turn it into a positive one. Thus, the empowering and unapologetic “EYEZ ON ME” was born.

When it came to writing the single, SHREDZ says that she often sees SOPHIE SHREDZ as an alter ego or a character that the New Jersey-born singer-songwriter created.

“I used to be a very shy person, and SOPHIE SHREDZ is kind of this character of a person who I’ve always wanted to [be], kind of coming into my own,” she says. “I think when writing the song it was kind of like, well, what would SOPHIE SHREDZ do?”

Before she was a hyper-pop shredder, SOPHIE SHREDZ was Sophie Ruggiero, and by the time she was 7 years old, she was an accomplished classic rock guitarist. Growing up listening to the greats of rock and roll, her favorite bands in high school were Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. After moving to Nashville for college to study music, SHREDZ fell in love with electronic music and female pop artists like Ashnikko and Charli XCX.

Although Nashville is generally known for its country music scene, SHREDZ says that there is a growing hyper-pop community. When she first moved to Nashville, SHREDZ played guitar in numerous country and indie groups. While one might not picture the electronic rocker playing softer pieces, SHREDZ says that the experience still taught her a lot after she dropped out of college, especially when it comes to music production, the industry, and the songwriting process.

“I was mostly a pop and indie pop player for a while. And honestly, it really inspired me sitting behind all of these really talented artists,” she says. “It taught me a lot of things, and I’m really happy that that’s where I started because I didn’t have to try out a bunch of different genres as an artist. I just grew as a guitar player and then eventually I was like, ‘I’m tired of sitting behind all of these people and I have a message and something to say and I want this to be about me now.’”

SOPHIE SHREDZ wants to create a sound, look, and world that is completely hers. Inspired by not only music but fashion as well, she takes trends and puts her own spin on them. When it came to the treatment for the “EYEZ ON ME” video, SHREDZ knew she wanted in-your-face visuals and something that, as it blended rock and pop influences, would reflect who she is.

“I really like blending rock and pop and what those two things would look like,” she says. “I want to be a rockstar, but with pop influences.”

SOPHIE SHREDZ writes the music you listen to once you’re done crying about your ex and you want to feel confident and empowered again, she says. While she’s never been one to play it safe, her music offers a message of female empowerment. As an openly queer artist, SHREDZ wants fans to see her as somebody to look up to.

“I think it’s more fun when you can take risks and do stuff. I love watching people react to my music and being like, ‘Oh, that was kind of a lot’ or ‘that lyric was a choice,’” she says. “I think you also grow with your art. I’ve been doing this project for a year and a half, and even seeing from ‘PHANTOM’ to now…I’m doing things that are even a little bit edgier than I would have done.”

SHREDZ brings the brutality and feminine rage of her music to her live shows as well, as she strives to combine the intensity of a rock or rap concert to her performances. Above all, she wants fans screaming and moshing at a SOPHIE SHREDZ gig.

“Not a lot of people are putting on a really crazy rock or pop show in Nashville,” she says. “I feel like there’s a lot of really talented artists, but people aren’t looking at the visual stuff as much. I want to have the crazy lights and I want my bass to be rattling the room.”

One thing to know about SOPHIE SHREDZ is that her shocking lyrics and intensity come from a place of softness. As somebody who used to be shy and who knows what it’s like to struggle with confidence, controversy, and coming out as queer, SOPHIE SHREDZ is somebody who writes music for the ones who are learning to confidently come into themselves.

“A lot of my friends have struggled with coming out, and I was also one of those people…it was something I just did not want to talk about,” she says. “But I think my advice would be to… just be yourself and do it when you’re ready and grow into yourself when you’re ready to do it because I feel like if you’re forced to do it, it’s a lot scarier.

You’re so much happier when you can embrace your full self. I know a lot of people aren’t so fortunate to be able to come out in a safe environment but do it when you’re ready and when you’re comfortable. It just feels so much better to be yourself and live your truth.”

“EYEZ ON ME” by SOPHIE SHREDZ, is out now. Listen here.

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