Sir Chloe Creates Lasting Memories In Chicago Performance [REVIEW]

By Zoe Blakeman – Photo credit: Grant Spanier

Kicking off the Odyssey tour on August 31st at the Huntington Bank Pavilion, the stage belonged to none other than the sensational Sir Chloe. They opened the show with a striking visual statement – all members donning pristine white ensembles. However, it was their lead singer, Dana Foote, who emerged in a sleek black business suit, a captivating look amidst the sea of white.

As the audience slowly trickled into the venue, the crowd remained relatively modest in size. Yet, for fortunate attendees, myself included, the evening held an unexpected surprise – a complimentary upgrade to the pit. This unexpected turn of events transformed the concert into an exceptionally intimate and thrilling experience, setting the stage for a night of unforgettable musical enchantment.

They opened with a newer song “Should I,” and the crowd seemed to really embrace the new sound. Although the audience wasn’t huge, it facilitated a more intimate performance, creating an environment where emotions and sentiments could be openly shared across the venue. Foote’s intense vocals pulsated in harmony with the thunderous pounding of the drums, which reverberated throughout my entire body. I could literally feel the intensity of the bass and emotions.

Their tracks “Center” and “Salivate” delivered a powerful punk rock experience, characterized by ferocious instrumentals and unrelenting vocals. Foote unleashed gritty, profound notes that seamlessly alternated with soaring high notes, demonstrating her remarkable vocal range. Three guitars, along with the occasional fourth guitar strummed by Foote, added a wide variety of sounds ranging from surf rock to heavy distortion.

Midway through the performance, a change of pace arrived with the mellower tunes, such as “Know Better” and “Obsession.” “Know Better” enveloped the audience in a dreamscape of synth and cascading guitar riffs that melted through the ears like warm butter. The stage came alive with a mesmerizing dance of pink and purple lights, pulling the crowd into the soothing cadence of Foote’s vocals, which resonated like a gentle hum. Emma Welch, the bassist, contributed her harmonious backing vocals throughout their set, adding depth and richness to the performance. The stage was filled with electrifying guitar solos exchanged among Foote, Welch, and the lead guitarist, Teddy O’Mara, infusing the atmosphere with even more pulsating energy.

At the end of the set, the band played some of their classic songs including “Sedona,” “Too Close,” and their most popular, “Michelle.” “Sedona” emerged as a powerful anthem with Foote’s soaring high notes juxtaposed against Welch’s electrifying bass solo. The crescendo of Welch raising her guitar triumphantly above her head, strumming familiar chords, left a lasting mark on the audience.

These songs held a special place in my heart, as I knew every word, infusing the experience with profound emotion. “Too Close” began with a slow and mellow feel, but the intense vocals and a tingling guitar riff transformed it into a thunderous and rock-infused masterpiece. The lyrics of this song, too, deeply resonate with the audience, evoking powerful emotional reactions.

Their last song, “Michelle,” was a crowd favorite. The drums maintained a relentless rhythm, sending pulsations through your body, as the guitar riffs sliced through your ears, and Foote’s vocals seamlessly found a path to your heart making you feel all of the emotions in the crowd at once. The guitar was mystically captivating, watching O’Mara and Welch strum each note transcending into your ears. This song was truly an amazing one to watch live. Foote poured everything she had into this song and the whole audience felt it.

From the striking visual statements to the connections nurtured within the intimate setting, this night will forever remain in my memory. With each beat of the drums and each strum of the guitar, the music became a conduit for the shared experiences, joys, and sorrows that define us all. It was an evening that reminded us of the magic in live performances and the unifying force of music—a force that knows no boundaries and leaves us forever changed. Sir Chloe left an indelible mark on the beginning of the Odyssey tour.

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