Siân Cross

Biography: Sian Cross is a singer songwriter from the West Country, now based in London. As a backing vocalist, she’s performed with Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, Daniel Bedingfield, Mica Paris and on the X Factor. As an artist in her own right, she’s recorded at Abbey Road, sung in the Royal Albert Hall, appeared on national TV, and has recorded sessions for BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Wales.

The passion and integrity that Sian exudes when performing makes her stand out from the rest. When asked, Sian simply puts it down to life experience:

Not only has she been through the normal degree of hurt and heartache any girl in her twenties will have experienced, she also lost her father to cancer at a young age and was then diagnosed with a life threatening tumour herself.

At just 20 years old, Sian had to undergo open heart surgery to have it removed. It took months of recovery in order for her to get back on her feet again, both emotionally as well as physically. Music very much kept her going through this tough time. Sian has been left with life-long scars as a result of the operation, however she wears them with pride and truly believes that this has helped shape her both as an artist and as the person that she is today.

Now back in the studio, Sian is writing her debut album and taking a unique approach to doing so. She’s been getting deep into the heart of our nation’s stories and meeting with some amazing people who have also had to overcome huge hurdles in their lives.

Sian’s debut album will be a true account of their life stories. From Alzheimer’s to child abuse Sian covers many subjects most artists shy away from. She not only aims to inspire people, but also to raise awareness for the issues that so many of our society face in silence everyday.

The tracks that have already been recorded for the album are lyrically heart warming, thought provoking and musically athemic with their own unique and current sound. This is definitely a space to watch.



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