Members: Rosalind Darbeau, Justin Blair, Bas Janssen, Tyler Horn

Genre: Hard Rock / Rock and Roll

Instrumentation: Vocals, Lead/ Rhythm Guitar, Violin, Bass and Synth/Piano, backing tracks, Talkbox, Ebow, Drums/Percussion.


Out of Los Angeles, California, Shiver is a young group of accomplished musicians aiming to entertain audiences with their infectious melodies and energetic live shows. Coming from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the members of Shiver have created a canon of tunes that reflect both modern rock energy and classic rock emotion.

Combining fiery guitar licks, luscious 3 part vocal harmonies, sweeping violin leads, and a driving, bombastic rhythm foundation, Shiver creates a sonically potent soundscape.With influences including Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper, Shiver has songs, riffs, and melodies reminiscent of everything from Early Blues, to Classic Rock, to Modern Heavy Metal and Pop. A raucous, exciting display of electronic-infused rock and roll, Shiver lights up any stage through a near lethal injection of passion and energy.

Fronting Shiver, Justin Blair leads a charge through an action-packed set. An infectious stage energy draws in audiences as he conveys the stories behind Shiver’s songs through his vocal and guitar performance. Rosalind Darbeau lends incredible violin leads and warm vocal lines to the songs, adding a unique texture that most rock bands don’t have the benefit of employing. Her playing explores creative and ear-catching interpretations of hard rock riffs. On the guitar, Tyler Horn delivers powerful chord progressions and blistering leads. Mixing melodic licks with impressive fingerwork, Tyler brings the classic hard rock guitar presentation. Bas Janssen beats out a thunderous, yet intricate and precise percussive foundation. Driving Shiver’s songs forward with both power and swagger, Bas’ drumming stands out as a melodic and catchy, and is sure to get audiences on their feet and moving.

Shiver will be performing in Chicago on August 22nd, 2018 with Dark Heart News and The Million Reasons at Emporium in Wicker Park- catch three great rock and roll bands at this FREE concert at an incredible venue! Visit the link below for more details on the show!

Dark Heart News:

The Million Reasons:

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