Scarypoolparty soars into Chicago – An Exclusive Interview

Ahead of his headlining official Lollapalooza after party show at Park West and debut on the Lake Shore stage at Lollapalooza, Alejandro Aranda, also known as Scarypoolparty sat down to answer some questions for us and discussed his career and more…

DK: Good day Alejandro, thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to answer some questions for us. How are you today?

AA: HEY!! I am doing well thank you for asking!

DK: I have to say how impressed I am with your talent and would like to spend more time discussing the development of your skills, if I may. You’re self-taught, but your approach to your guitar and piano playing is way above what one might expect. When did you first start playing and how long did you spend teaching yourself on a daily/weekly basis?

AA:My first instrument was piano, and I would spend about 4 hours a day practicing. With guitar I took on the same mindset and just kept practicing for about 4 hours a day. That was my daily practice time each day, without skipping a day.

DK: Was there a specific sound/technique you were looking to emulate (initially)?

AA: Not really. I was honestly just trying to play music and get better at playing, so the sound and technique came in a natural form.

DK: How and when did you start branching off those skills into your original music?

AA: Since day one, I have always tried to make my own music. It’s the only way I can express myself at times.

DK: Did your music inspire your lyrics or vice versa?

AA: Music always came first before lyrics.

DK: How did you get starting with busking?

AA: I started to play out in the street because I have terrible stage fright. I figured if I played out in the street it would make me feel comfortable in my own skin the more I went out.

DK: Do you feel that busking made you a better performer and/or more comfortable playing around people?

AA: Yeah, I think it did make me feel comfortable playing in front of people.

DK: How about your guitar and even your strings… was there any learning curve to finding the best guitar and strings to help you refine the beautiful music you create?

AA: Not really. I think I just wanted to express myself musically so I just played whatever guitar I had at the time which was my Taylor, which I still use.

DK: Very cool! Describe life before and after your American Idol experience, how has it changed your world and how has it changed you?

AA: I honestly feel I haven’t changed as a person before and after the show. I think now there are more people wanting music, which I think is sweet.

DK: Of all the many compliments you receive, how does that affect your day-to-day? Does it distract in any way from your creativity or help energize you to create even more?

AA: Compliments from a honest heart mean the world to me. In reality I’m trying to make myself happy with creating music so, honestly, it is a little boost when people or someone you look up to shares kind words of encouragement.

DK: For anyone considering entering themselves into any kind of American Idol competition, what would you advise them prior to them auditioning?

AA: Just know who you are and don’t change!

DK: For any younger aspiring musicians, what words of advice would you offer them to aid them in their career?

AA: Practice is everything.

DK: So now you will be headlining an official Lollapalooza after party on August 2nd at the Park West… how does that feel to be in a headlining status so early in your career?

AA: It feels insane.

DK: Do you have new material you’ll be performing at either the after party or on the Lake Shore stage at Lollapalooza?

AA: Yeah!!! I will be sharing a lot of new music on stage.

DK: You’ll be playing throughout the country from October through November… what do you have planned after that?

AA: Even more shows and an album.

DK: Well, I am so thankful for you taking the time to answer my questions and while I won’t be able to catch your after party performance, I will definitely be there for your debut at Lollapalooza, it is so exciting! Thanks again Alejandro!


DK: All the best to you in your amazing career! Catch him TONIGHT at Park West and tomorrow on the Lake Shore stage at Lollapalooza at 3:45!

Park West – Jam Productions
322 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL, 60614
FRI · AUGUST 2, 2019
DOORS: 10:00 PM / SHOW: 11:00 PM $22.00 – Tickets

Biography: Scarypoolparty spent much of his time busking around Los Angeles and performing at backyard parties. Things turned quickly when he received a spot on American Idol where his distinct style of playing and original music caught the attention of the media and fans alike, growing his socials exponentially, selling out his first-ever run of dates in 15 minutes and shooting his original song “Out Loud” onto the Spotify viral chart. Alejandro is currently in-studio working on new music.

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