REVIEW: Thirty Seconds to Mars 2007

Taste of Chaos Tour @ Aragon Ballroom
By: Chris Tennyson

Friday, March 16th, 2007. Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois. 8:57 pm. The house lights go down, and the crowd screamed wildly. Smoke poured around two crimson dressing screens on either side of a massive drum kit and through a metal bench, in front of each screen, illuminated by the stage lights. Fortuna ImperatrixMundi: O Fortuna from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana thunders through the arena. One by one, they slowly entered and took their places: Matt Wachter with his bass, Tomo Milicevic with his guitar, Shannon Leto sits down at his drums; but when Jared, Shannon’s younger brother, star of movies such as Fight Club and American Psycho, and lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars walked onto the stage with his guitar, the audience exploded with far more applause than before. The girls drowned out the guys in the crowd with their lovesick shrieks and everyone created a rumble of applause as the opera bleeds into “A Beautiful Lie”, the title track off their new album.

Jared moved from the middle of the stage, to standing on each bench, inciting the crowd, as Tomo & Matt headbanged to Shannon’s beats. Everyone sang along, and cheered Jared on as he asked Chicago how the fuck they were, and commented on how it’s his favorite place to play. The shouts and screams rose once more as the band began “Battle of One”, one of the hidden tracks from A Beautiful Lie. Hands were thrown into the air, brandishing the “Rock-n-Roll Devil Horns” as Jared jumped around the stage between his two front men.

Other tracks that were performed were, “From Yesterday”, “Buddha for Mary”, “The Kill”, “The Fantasy” and “Attack”. Jared even invited a boy to come on stage and play guitar on one of their songs; it was pretty cool to see. On the song “The Fantasy”, he invited us sing along with the ‘Whoa-oh-oh’ (listen to the song; you’ll get what I mean).

As our ears were ringing, the hoards of people flooded out of the venue with remarks like “That’s who I came for!” referring of course to 30 Seconds to Mars and how well they performed overall.

Jared’s singing didn’t quite reach the levels he did as when they played The Metro on April 1st, 2006, but as always, he made up for it by feeding off the crowd and getting everyone involved with the singing, making the whole experience symbiotic, and not just about them. Though, it was an all ages show, the majority of the crowd appeared to be in their twenties, there were however some teenagers with a parent or guardian. All in all, everyone at the show looked like they had a great time (myself included) and we look forward to having 30 Seconds to Mars come back again soon!