Local musician, Danielle Juhre released her latest single on August 16th. Music has been in her blood since birth as she watched her father work alongside Charlie Daniels. Once she hit the age of 7, she was ready to make music of her own. Then she went to Berklee College to pursue singing further and soon enough, she started releasing music, going on tours and gaining fans. After success with the first single and tour, she knew it was time to delve deep and start putting together a new song. This made her go back to roots and use that to create something quite different from her previous single.

Soul music and the Motown Era have deeply influenced her music stylings, which you can hear sprinklings of it in “Nobody,” the latest single. Her first single definitely emphasizes this styling with its soulful vocals, big band instrumentals and coffeehouse tune vibe, while this one has transformed her sound into a pop powerhouse hit.

She uses soulful melodies, an upbeat instrumental and self-empowering lyrics all wrapped up into one. You can hear the influences of Amy Winehouse’s soulful voice, but this tune also has remnants of artists like Dua Lipa with the confidence boosting and love-yourself mentality pop verses. The catchy lyrics and beat will have you singing and dancing just about anywhere from on the dance floor to performing in your car.

In the song, she shares the importance of being independent and doing things for yourself. But, she also dives into the importance of letting go and moving on, fitting in well with the messages of top 40 hits at the moment. She’s not afraid of being authentic and sharing her stance on how she feels about life.

Biography: Powerhouse soul vocalist, Danielle Juhre, who records simply as Danielle, is an award winning soul and pop artist from Chicago, IL with an instantly recognizable soulful sound.

Heavily influenced by her father, Danielle was raised in a home inspired by music since she was very young and would watch her father work alongside famous musician; Charlie Daniels. She began writing and recording music at the age of seven and had a deep fascination with the Motown Era and soul music. Her influences include: Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, The Temptations, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake. Danielle released her first self produced album in high school in 2011 entitled, ‘The Best of Me’ and toured locally with various bands in the Chicagoland area. Upon graduating high school, Juhre was then accepted and attended Berklee College of Music with a major in Music Business. Whilst attending Berklee, Danielle wrote and released her first highly acclaimed single, ‘Does She Know?’ with her cowriter and friends, Emiliano Santoro, Charlie Wallace of Universal Music Group, and three-time GRAMMY award winning mastering engineer, Bob Katz. ‘Does She Know?’ reached immediate positive feedback from her fans and was placed on various radio stations around the United States, submitted and placed on the ballot for a 2018 GRAMMY nomination for ‘Best R&B Song’ and signed a licensing deal with SiriusXM Radio. Along with the success of her new single, Juhre began her first US tour in July 2017 entitled, ‘Chapter One Tour’ where she was able to perform at the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, opening for Welshly Arms and JJ Grey & Mofro. With an immediately distinguishable and soulful sound, Danielle’s music incorporates soul into today’s charts and has the incredibly charming personality to match. She explains how important it is for her to be authentic with her audience and her music truly reflects this with every performance.


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