Touring in support of their latest CD release, “Fortress”, the Brooklyn based band Miniature Tigers took the stage at Metro. These four very unassuming young men played a 30-minute set that was filled with some of the most engaging pop music that I have ever seen at Metro. Their songs are filled with great hooks, beautiful melodies and not a second of overindulgence.

Their sound is very reminiscent of the Beatles and XTC, which is strictly my opinion, but that’s what their songs reminded me of as I listened to them. Their stage show was interesting as well. On the second song and several times afterwards, the drummer and keyboard player switched instruments. Once they actually switched DURING a song, which I thought was quite impressive. They managed to do this without any noticeable delays in the set. It was done very smoothly. They are clearly well rehearsed.

During songs like ‘Bullfighter Jacket’, Mansion of Misery (which they closed the set with), and several others, they demonstrated a song writing ability that seems rare in this computerized age of music. They emphasize melodies over flashy solos and subtlety over bombast. There set was a breath of fresh air and I was completely surprised by how well they performed. You can find them on all the social networks. If you like great songs and melodies, you should definitely give them a listen, you can find them on the popular social networks. They are currently touring through the end of the year.