Rebels in Stereo

Rebels in Stereo is a Chicago based punk rock band with power pop influences.  Formed in 2014 when Jimmy Natividad and Kristyne Operzedek (Warhellride) were ready to start something new, Kristyne’s unique musical background lent itself to intuitive and exciting rhythms for a punk outfit and, paired with Jimmy’s technical-but-playful lead guitar, paved the way for a varied but deliciously identifiable sound.  

In 2016, bassist Kevin V (Nightfall Radio) joined the fold and RIS quickly began writing to incorporate his trademark bass runs and funky-punk grooves. The band released their debut full-length album “Rebuild” in 2018 – a 14-track record delivering a wide range of styles, emotions, and genre-bending experiments. Cassidy Paige (Run & Punch) dove into the mix headfirst in 2019. Her ambitious melodies and keen ear for harmonic opportunity have added texture and vibrant overtones to the band’s already rambunctious wall of sound with complex pop sensibilities. 

With a newfound mutual drive to write inclusively and buoyantly, the group essentially threw themselves a year-long basement party – the result of which led to the release of the final lineup’s first single “Reach Out” and, ultimately, the 2019 release of their newest 5-track EP “Look Ma, No Hands!”  Rebels in Stereo has every intention of keeping the party going with the upcoming release of their second full-length album in 2020 so stay tuned, ya scoundrels!

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