Punk Band Radkey Unleashes New Music Video for Their Single “Seize”

By Trinity Guiao

Missouri-based punk rock band Radkey released a new music video for their song “Seize” on November 13th, 2020.

The band in the video brings back the spirit of live music that have been on a halt for many musicians since mid-March with COVID-19. It looks back on the traditional roots of rock videos with sporadic clips of the band performing outside and in a venue that makes every former concert-goer melancholy. The band’s last venture in Chicago was in October 2019 at Cobra Lounge.

The new song is infectious and shines the spotlight on every figure in the band. The loud and powerful vocals of Dee Radke go hand in hand with the stupefying bass line of Isaiah Radke and prodigious fills of drummer Solomon Radke.

Dee, Solomon, and Isaiah Radke are three brothers that make up the punk trio that give a new sound to the genre no other can replicate. The band formed in the year 2010 with the title inspired by their own last names. In 2011, they played their first show opening for rock band Fishbone and have established itself as one of the staples in the scene. The band encompasses the eccentricity and power every DIY band seeks to have as they provide a new look and sound the punk scene so desperately needs.

The video and band as a whole revives old school punk as the vocals and fast-paced rhythm tie to punk bands such as The Ramones, Pennywise, and Black Flag.

The music video fills the void every punk fan has encountered during the drought of live shows and concerts; it’s fairly easy to get into the groove of solo moshing to the new single.

Radkey are set to play Riot Fest at Douglass Park in September 2021.

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