Prizefighter Hits Rewind [REVIEW]

By: Zoe Elerby – Photo by: Alex Zarek

“Come back from wherever you have gone.”

Prizefighter Hits Rewind 1

Prizefighter’s tour-worthy EP Rewind is the perfect mix of an unrecognizable nostalgia coupled with comforting vocals from Jeremy Mederich and Steve Mast.

This trio is one for the ages, Mederich coming from the guitar-driven rock band The Pheromones, Mast from the well-known Plain White Ts and drummer Bryan Merderich rising from The Hoodie Life, it’s easy to see that all of Prizefighter’s members are veterans of the alternative music scene.

Prizefighter’s musical prowess stems from what makes the alternative genre so great. From wildly impressive guitar solos and well-worn relatable lyrics, Prizefighter’s EP Rewind has a little something for every fan of alternative music. There is an energy surrounding Rewind, one that tells the story of struggling to let go of the past. Sometimes, moving on is a lot harder than it sounds. This is clear in the EP’s third track “Passenger” in which the vocalists talk about the struggle of letting go of the past, in this context, a person.

“It was cool to be riding with you. It was good to be riding with you. Remembering days in ways I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t care but I just might.”

In “Passenger” there is the sound of defeat and yearning for what once was. Trying to release memories of a person, no matter how long ago it was, is very difficult for those who have lost love. There are some things that remind you of that loss, even if it seems ridiculous to others. In “Passenger”, that thing is Mederich’s car and how he recalls driving around with that one special person.

Despite the EP having under 1,000 listens, as a single, “Passenger” has acquired 10,270 listens on Spotify, right below the EP’s second track “Best Life” which has acquired 12,270 Spotify listens.

“Best Life” is the second track on Rewind despite it having the higher number of listens. It does take on a different tone than the following songs, such as “Passenger”. “Best Life” focuses on the vocalist trying to focus on the difficult battle of wellness and self love.

This track not only has relatable lyrics and an important message about loving yourself, it’s extremely valuable coming from these veterans of the alternative music scene. The entire EP has some sense of vulnerability, but “Best Life” being the second track actively challenges the first one, “Rewind”, which is the EP’s namesake.

“Time’s slipping away no matter how you try. It keeps on ticking away and the worries land on the second hand of life…I’m still giving it my best try.”

The song isn’t about completely forgetting the past and moving on to find your “Best Life”, it’s about realizing that despite trying and failing, time continues on so why waste it? Continue to try and give yourself the life you’ve always wanted. But it’s also important to have someone with you along the way.

“Trying to pursue myself on the inside, chasing my best life with you.”

The song isn’t necessarily the classic romantic, the “you” can be interpreted platonically as well. Life is a long difficult journey and to have it be the best you can make it, you can’t do that alone.

Despite the yearn to move on, the past still lingers deeply. That message is sprinkled into every song on Rewind which is why the EP itself is worth a listen. You open up Rewind and you are taken through a story about loss and pulling yourself back up.

Each song stays in its realm of alternative rock but it does have a more gentle approach. With acoustic guitar usually leading the beginning of the next track, the listeners are kindly welcomed before truly getting to the heart of the song. A slow start to lyrics that speak about yearning for the past and fearing the future. Yet, there is a sense of hope of moving on in each one.


Newborn Chicago-based Prizefighter fronted by Jeremy Mederich (Luster, Releaser, The Saps, The Pheromones), guitar/vocal journeyman Steve Mast (Plain White Ts, The Waiting Game, The Scissors) and time machine Bryan Mederich on drums (Luster, The Hoodie Life) rounding out the veteran trio, have completed their debut release ‘REWIND’.

After agreeing to a unique development situation, the boys have wrapped on a razor sharp effort out of LA (EastWest Studio 2 and Sound Delux at Sound City Center) lead by a mutual believer in the project, the one and only mighty Matt Wallace (Maroon 5 “Songs About Jane”, Faith No More “The Real Thing” and “Angel Dust”, O.A.R., Train, many others). The band was born with a naturally strong and catchy modern contemporary feel erring on the side of indie alternative.

The songs are just really f***ing great. With a sound as unique as it is timeless, catchy and relatable and driven by a short lineup of true pros with an extensive history around the scene, the trio are quite ready to present this newest of projects to the world with confidence it is set to be embraced by many. As the band often say, the shoe just fits. Give them a spin and be the judge. Introducing PRIZEFIGHTER!

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