Princess Ice Spice Joins Queen Nicki Minaj in ‘Princess Diana’ Music Video

By Zoe Elerby

Bronx-raised femme fatale Ice Spice has recently released both a music video and multiple remixes of her stream-stealing track “Princess Diana” featuring the bubble-gum pink rap queen, Nicki Minaj. With over 26 million listens on Spotify, “Princess Diana” is already conquering Boss Girl playlists. The music video, directed by Edgar Esteves, sits at a comfortable #5 on Youtube’s trending page.

“Princess Diana” is a song encompassed by hard beats, clever lyrics, and a bright, playful music video. Ice Spice presents herself very elegantly as the video begins, a slow zoom into a Bose brand speaker where the viewer is taken to a bright pink bedroom where Ice and Nicki are sitting on a king-sized fluffy bed. The video cuts to multiple scenes of Ice spice feelin’ up her outfits, each one more iconic than the last.

There is a very prominent slumber party vibe in the video as it cuts to Ice Spice’s phone where she’s taking a selfie on the bed next to Nicki. The video cuts to multiple shots like this which adds a layer of playfulness to the song. Both rappers aren’t afraid to look directly into the camera to tell you what’s up. Ice Spice saunters in a bright pink robe with a smile on her face as she raps:

“Nowadays, I be duckin’ them cameras. And they hype that I’m up on them banners. Callin’ my phone but they know I don’t answer (why?). In the hood, I’m like Princess Diana.”

The lyrics, overall, are essentially Ice Spice flexing about her success and how the people from her past are constantly trying to contact her. From men trying to get with her, to mentions of jealous women:

“Wanna be me, so she do my emotes. And my name in her mouth so I bet she gon’ choke.”

The rapper has had a lot of change happen in the past two years, topping charts and joining the ever-growing roster of powerful female rappers. But there’s always a catch to success and fame. However, that’s clearly not stopping Ice Spice from pulling massive numbers on her tracks. At only 23, she’s collaborated with one of the most iconic female rappers, Nicki Minaj, and is only getting more ambitious with her music.

Collaborating with Nicki Minaj, an artist known for her doll-like aesthetics and versatile music style, was a brilliant move for the track. She is cute, she is playful, and she works very well with “Princess Diana”’s hard beat. Both Ice Spice and Nicki are adorably frisky throughout the video, dancing in their pajamas, making each other laugh, and of course, posting pictures. Nicki brings a certain punch to the song, her verse is strong as it has that Nicki flair in it.

“Nowadays, I be makin’ ‘em famous. She the princess so f- all you lames is. Of course I be pushin’ they buttons, I hold the control like the gamers.”

Not only is collaborating with Nicki a huge step in Ice Spice’s career, but it is also wonderful to see two rappers with a 20-year age gap performing with one another. The numbers on this track show that good artists recognize good artists, regardless of their age or their level of popularity. Both women are iconic and hard-working and they know it, that’s why they can call themselves princesses and queens. That’s why they can boast about what they own, who their friends are, and how they keep themselves on the right side of fame. You can find “Princess Diana” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms.

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