“For those that like to rock, On the Sun (OTS) salutes you! Plant your feet and put your fist in the air for prime Chicago hard rock.  OTS forged their many influences into one big power punch. They melt your face with a hot blast of modern riff rock a la Fuzz, Elder and The Temperance Movement, mixed with an old school ass kickin’ reminiscent of Stoner pioneers like Kyuss and Black Sabbath. 

“Solar Savior” EP

          On their debut EP,  Solar Savior, each tune is nothing short of an anthem.  The release is available to stream and/or purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc.  The pyrotechnics burn brightly with their eponymous space epic “On the Sun” and their melodic single, “Fully Krausened.” Also, check out “Narrow Mind Party Plan” and “Paper is the Devil” for heavy-duty rock done just right. 

Radio and Clubs…

          OTS is noticed by radio with live appearances on Chicago’s WZRD and Q Radio.  On stage they bang it out around the Chicago area at such rock spots as Reggies, Brauer House, Liar’s Club, Chop Shop and The Cubby Bear.

In the beginning…

          OTS’s origins are traced back to a road trip years ago. Founding singer, Derek Ault (Viceroy, 40 Smokes) and guitarist Jay Septoski (Wotan, The Peterbilts) drove through a mind-bending canyon outside of the Salton Sea in southern California. They cranked Kyuss and drove way too close to the overhanging rocks. The pair carved out a plan for rock domination. The two found the perfect primal rhythm masters with bassist Fred Nettnin (Black Pearl) and drummer Matt Torossi (New Constellations, Insania).  Fred and Derek have a high school rock band history. They got “Fully Krausened” with some Old Styles on a regular basis in Derek’s garage. Matt and Derek had a near miss in another band and then reconnected at an Yngwie Malmsteen show. On the Sun: “Hail, hail rock-n-roll!”

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