VANS Unveil a new digital livestream network, Channel 66

By: Makayla Bullard

Vans announced the launch of Channel 66, a digital live stream network broadcasting weekdays from New York City, Chicago, Mexico City, and Los Angeles to their audience worldwide.

“Channel 66 is an embodiment of Vans’ commitment to support artists and creatives while also uplifting communities during such an unprecedented time” written by a representative from the Vans.

The organization is offering a live audio and video broadcast, featuring radio shows, musical performances across music, action sports and community.

Some of the programming will include curated shows like Cheeseboxing with GZA, Afropunk’s Channel Interfence, Young Chicago Authors’s Poetry and lyrcrim and New Direction New York Hardcore with Walter Schreifels.

The early show will include guests and DJs starring Japanese Breakfast, Channel Tres, Vic Mensa, Van Pro skater Daniel Lutheran and many more.

Additional programming highlights will include The Girl Ultra Show connecting music and fashion and All Ages Show exploring Los Angeles’s rich heritage in DIY and punk. The network will airing local establishments. According to Channel 66 they will sharing stories of local skate shops, restaurants, music venues and independent record labels through the airwaves.

Van’s understands that the social distancing guidance has shifted in-person events and the company is working on reimagining future events.

“Vans strives to cultivate Channel 66 as a place where audiences from all walks of life can come together to find inspiration” written by a representative from the company. “The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the events landscape and Vans has a deep history of reimagining event experiences and grassroots programs” written by a representative from the company.

Channel 66 went live on February 8th and will continue to broadcast starting at 11:00 am EST and 8:00 am PST every weekday with Friday nights featuring dance-oriented DJ sets, along with marque live performances.

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