Female Group from South Bend, Indiana.

When Whitney and Kara met in January of 2015, the only association they had was working in the same bar. Whitney was a cook who became a bartender, and Kara was the DJ/KJ on Friday nights. Both had love for music their entire lives, but for many reasons, were unable to pursue their dreams. It wasn’t until March of 2015 that Whitney was asked to be the drummer for a local cover band called Starseed. After a few months the Band needed a new Singer. That is when Kara got to try her passion for the first time. The Band was renamed S.O.B.(Some Other Band). They had their first Official gig together at the end of July. Kara and Whitney became very close and became a couple. The band had lots of fun together and even got to perform at local festival called DAK. Whitney was pregnant and by the end of November, Kara and Whitney had to take a break from the band because there were complications with the baby and they had to go stay in Little Rock, so the baby could be monitored and born under very controlled circumstances. Their daughter was born at the end of January 2016. Unfortunately, they only got 3 days with their angel before she passed away.

After getting back to work, They eventually started singing with the band again until Kara’s ongoing back problems became too severe. Kara and Whitney moved to the Chicago-land area in search of better work and better doctors. A friend of theirs from Arkansas passed away in a tragic car accident, so they decided to write their first song in dedication to her called “Pin-Up Girl”. Kara received her 4th back surgery in January 2017. The next year was hard with recovery and work. When a better Job arose for Whitney in South Bend, Indiana, they moved there to be closer to work. They were finally in a place where things had gotten back to normal, so they decided to continue their passion together and formed Mired. Their first single “Eureka” was put out into the world in the beginning of December 2018. They got directly to work on their next song, and on 12/20/2018 released “F-ing Love Song”. there will be more music coming as they are learning more and more with every production. Their hopes are to find at least 2 more female band members so they can get back on  stage in front of the public. Until then, they will be writing and self producing their music in hopes that it will resonate with people.