Michelle Cross

Singer/Songwriter – Michelle is a musician and artist based in Chicago, IL. Her brand of piano-based music has been well received by music listeners all over the world. Sprinkled with classical influences and firmly supported by strong vocals, Cross’s songs tend to have a darker, moodier feel to them. At times, there is a lot of aggression and rhythm in her piano playing, yet even at its most gentle moments her powerfully emotional and melodic piano-based songs have caused listeners to sit-up and pay attention.

The unofficial Michelle Cross band is:
Mathew Prock
Mike Duggan
Henry Jansen
Tom Heslin

Michelle also collaborates regularly with Joe Frawley, experimental sound collagist from New London, CT


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Official: www.michellecross.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michellecrossmusic
Artwork: http://s1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff465/mzmonkey123/?albumview=slideshow