Mackenzie O’Brien – Hummingbird (Official Music Video)

Biography: Mackenzie O’Brien’s career has been on an upward trajectory in both Chicagoland and Nashville, Tennessee. Mackenzie has performed close to 400 times in her first four years as a professional including performances in some of Nashville’s best venues.

Mackenzie grew up in Northern, Illinois close to the Wisconsin border and had only one career in mind since the age of four years. Prior to then she had been given the nickname “Hummingbird” as she was often found playing alone humming made up melodies. This natural gift has stayed with her and she is a sought after melody driven songwriter. To date, Mackenzie has landed over 25 songs on small market radio in the USA and Europe.

Mackenzie has drawn attention from music companies in both the USA and the UK. She signed a project deal with Merf Music Nashville this summer that teamed her up with superstar writer Chris Wallin and Grammy nominated producer Eric Torres. The result was her newly released single “You’re Not Tequila”. This song joined three other original songs on her recently released EP entitled “Hummingbird”.

Over the last four years Mackenzie has caught the attention of various music notables that include John Oates, and Lee Ann Womack. In 2019 Mackenzie was awarded a grant funded by the National Endowment for the Arts to support her in building her brand and in 2020 she was endorsed by Portland based Breedlove Guitars. Mackenzie continues to travel between Music City and Chicago and, at times, to other US cities to perform.

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