Lollapalooza Returns With 2021 Lineup!

By: Dennis M. Kelly

I don’t need to tell you how devastating COIVD-19 was (and still is) with how it has been impacting all of our lives including parts that we couldn’t have foreseen, forcing some to become ‘essential workers’ while others were able to work remotely. But the music industry really took an especially hard hit and in turn, so did the fans. Sure there were livestreams, but they are simply not the same, not by a long shot.

We, as music festival addicts are tough though, and while it was difficult to go through a year without Lollapalooza here in Chicago, absence truly made the heart grow fonder upon hearing that Lollapalooza would return in ‘full capacity’ and for the full four days; I am still reeling at the excitement of it’s return and seeing the incredible lineup has just taken me over the top!

Lollapalooza Returns With 2021 Lineup! 2

Yesterday’s news and promo video were the warm-up to today’s lineup and July 29th won’t get here soon enough to experiencing the sights and sounds that is (and always will be) Lollapalooza.

Without further ado, here is the lineup!

Lollapalooza Returns

Many more details will be made available over the course of the next few months and it is only going to get better and better! So, I think it is safe to say that 2021 is officially AWESOME and we can now rest easy to know that we can ‘get our Lollapalooza on!

See you in July!

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