Lollapalooza Is A Dream Come True For JORDY

By: Dennis M. Kelly – JORDY photo (above) by Shea Flynn for Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza Is A Dream Come True For JORDY 1
Photo by Roman Sobus

Northbrook native, JORDY returned home to perform at Lollapalooza on Friday afternoon on the spectacular T-Mobile stage to a highly energized crowd happily welcoming him back! Having attended Lollapalooza around 10 times as a fan, it was all the more savored as he ran out on that stage, and in fact, you can see that moment on his TikTok channel here.

When asked about his observations of Lollapalooza today, verses years prior, he stated, “There’s a lot of representation” and it is so true. Never before have I (myself) observed so many people more comfortable in their own skin, dressing any way that they feel the most comfortable and enjoying artists that help encourage it.

Regarding Lollapalooza artists, JORDY added, “I’ve seen some of my favorite artists at this festival who I look up to so much and inspire me in my songwriting and you know, for me to have shared the stage with so many of those people is really mind-boggling to me, super humbling, and I’m super grateful. It’s a dream come true.”

I had the opportunity to catch his performance on the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions stage a day earlier and was immediately drawn in to him as an artist. There are no barriers within him, when he is happy, you become happy, when he is excited, the feeling becomes mutual, it is something about his personality that resonates with fans, an authenticity that could never be bought. And when JORDY sings, you feel the passion in his voice that is strengthened by his tremendous vocal skill and control, vocal flourishes are therefore effortless for him.

JORDY was joined by his friends and bandmates, Eric (drums) and Drew (guitar) who are also in a Chicago band called Friday Pilots Club who kept the fun and great music going during the performances. And, especially for performances like Lollapalooza, the band always takes a moment for a quick huddle to prepare for the great moments ahead on stage.

When asked about his Chicago music experiences early in his career, he stated, “I didn’t even give it a shot in Chicago because I went to school in Boston and I tried giving it a shot in Boston, but when I made the decision to do full-on Pop music, I was like, its either New York, L.A., or Nashville. For me L.A. made the most sense because I had the most connections there and the producers and writers that I looked up to the most were in L.A., and so for me, after I left Boston, I was like, it’s L.A.”

JORDY just released his latest video for IDK Sh!t on July 28th and already has had over 46,000 views, and tons of great comments and likes. The video, set in a Dating Game styled studio, it takes a fun approach to the honesty shared in the lyrics and more.

Directed once again by Assaad Yacoub, it seems JORDY and Assaad have a great chemistry for bringing his songs to life that fans are really responding to. “I was really lucky to work with Assaad and super grateful to work with other amazing creatives as well who have incredible visions that compliment the music and both videos, I’m super proud of..”

In my final question to JORDY, I asked him how he stays positive along with any suggestions for others. “For me, it is surrounding myself with people I love and people I feel safe with and I’m lucky to work with a lot of my best friends. You know, in those low moments where its like you’re just seeing nothing but craziness on the news, it is hard to keep your head up during those moments.”

For me, it comes down to the people I surround myself with, my friends, my family, checking in on each other, protecting each other, lifting each other up in those moments. If you’re feeling down, my advice is go to the people that make you feel happy and try to spread love to each other and hold each other and protect each other, its really all we can do. I will continue to work with people I love the most.”

Those are definitely some great words to keep in mind these days and to always try to stay strong by sticking together through tough times. Make sure to visit his website often and follow him on TikTok to see when he’ll be coming to your town!






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