Lollapalooza Always Bringing Something For Everyone

Review by Dennis M. Kelly – Mills photo by Roman Sobus

The Lollapalooza music festival is 31 years strong now and has mastered the art of bringing everyone a little bit of what they like, no matter what your background may be. Literally, from Pop, Alternative, EDM, Rap to Metal and now Death Metal? Yes, New Jersey band, Lorna Shore set a new standard of heavy today at Lollapalooza and it was awesome! But more on that later.

Great weather here in Chicago helped, as always, to make attendees more comfortable and able to focus more on the music, friends and fun, but Lollapalooza provided so much in the way of great music and great activities that it is easy to lose yourself on whatever part of the festival you may be at.Lines formed quick at many of Lollapalooza’s attractions like T-Mobile’s The Claw, The Hulu Motel and even the new Dunkin where you can create customized headbands or a koozie, so get there early so you can be sure to catch more live music later.

Toyota Music Den provides very intimate performances of Lollapalooza artists, but in addition to that, they have two in-vehicle experiences, one with a simon-says game where you can get a neck fan and the other; a Camry hybrid where you can get aura portraits taken and then have them your aura read for you. There is also an arm candy station where you can make your very own personalized bracelets. When the music is over, the activities continue on through 8pm, so that might be an option for you too.

Niko Rubio and Mills kicked off the Discord and BMI stages, playing great sets to very nice sized crowds for being so early in the day.

Lollapalooza Always Bringing Something For Everyone 1

School Of Rock is back at Kidzapalooza this year and what a great place it is to showcase young talent. Speaking of young talent, one of Kidzapalooza’s special guests was none other than Chicago’s very own ‘The Light’, Collaboraction’s Youth Artist-Activist Ensemble. I cannot think of a better suited group of young adults to bring the positivity to kids (and adults alike) in the form of music and dance. They performed as a group and then individually, siting their social justice platform which ranged from equity for all to body positivity and eating disorder awareness. Learn more about them here:

Lollapalooza Always Bringing Something For Everyone 2

The Bonus Tracks stage is also back which I am very happy to see. It made a great impression last year and now it is back with a whole new look. I did not get to see a performance yet, but will do so in the coming days.

Next up was a few mini-sets of Rosie on the BMI stage, Maude Latour back at Toyota Music Den and Chicago native, Jordy who played a highly energized and exciting set at the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions stage. All great artists with a close relationship with their fans, singing along with their songs and feeling that musical connection that is all so great. Don’t miss Jordy on the T-Mobile stage today at 12:45, a set not to be missed!

Made my way back to the BMI stage and you KNOW your in for something intense when you hear the thundering sounds of the double bass drums, fast beats, ripping guitars and piercing screams of Lorna Shore long before you get in the shaded area.

For me, this was something special to see at Lollapalooza and something I hope they do more of by including heavy bands like them. Lorna Shore, having just released their new single ‘Cursed To Die’ was the most exciting show I have ever seen at Lollapalooza, yes, more than Metallica even. With crowd surfing and a very large circle pit, this was the coolest BMI Lolla set I’ve seen to date.


Metallica was still the major icing on the cake on T-Mobile stage and a majority of the crowd showed their support wearing various Metallica shirts. If you missed their surprise show at Metro a while back, at least Chicago got to enjoy them here. What a great way to end night one! Much more to come!


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