Like Heaven on Earth – a Review of the first day of Lollapalooza 2019

Photos © 2019 by: Roman Sobus

What can I say about this first day of Lollapalooza? I dare say it was possibly the best weather anyone can ask for and along with some of the worlds best music filling the air from each of the stages in Grant Park? That surely sounds like Heaven on Earth to me!

Like Heaven on Earth - a Review of the first day of Lollapalooza 2019 4

Kicking off the festival on the American Eagle stage was Jackie Foster, award winning artist from California whose vocal range and beauty overtook the beauty of the day singing songs like her most recent hit “Great Escape” to the excitement of the audience.

Sliding on over to the BMI stage, Chicago-raised Alexander 23 put attendees into a very chill mood while enjoying the shade from all the beautiful trees in that area. Alexander 23 excited audiences with his hit songs “Mars” and “Sad” and also played a great rendition of “My Girl” that had some people slow dancing to.

Hey, did you know that you can also hang out and play some bocce ball? The American Bocce Company, a Chicago company is set up next to the Chi Town Sports Tavern across from the BMI stage… lots of fun, come hang out with them for a bit!

A FESTIVAL ESSENTIAL to stop by this year is the Pantene Styling Lounge. They are offering a FREE festival styling and glitter for you to try their products, but also to feel the best you can feel while enjoying your Lolla. They were a bit hard to find in a white enclosed (and air conditioned) tent, but they are located across from the Toyota Music Den. Make sure you stop by there yet to make the remaining 3 days at Lollapalooza Pantene styled!

Like Heaven on Earth - a Review of the first day of Lollapalooza 2019 5

Like Heaven on Earth - a Review of the first day of Lollapalooza 2019 6

For a truly unique and delicious experience, make sure you stop by Cupcake Vineyards (if you’re 21 or older) to try their latest and greatest treat, the Frozie. It is a Frose’ coupled with a selfie that they take for you and in a matter of a few minutes your image is made part of your drink. Cupcake Vineyards have been part of Lollapalooza for a few years now and have always worked on highly creative ways to make your Lollapalooza experience the best it can possibly be. They have many more wonderful wines to try and lounges in which you can comfortably relax and enjoy them. For more about what they’re offering you lucky Lollapalooza fans, check out their buzz right here:

Carrying on with the recap, Ducky sure kicked up the dust with her powerhouse beats and blowing the minds of all who were there at Perry’s stage, Killy commanded a sea of “hands in the air” at the Lake Shore stage, Chicago was definitely loving him! On the other end of the festival, Lennon Stella packed them in at the Bud Light stage playing her emotion-filled originals and a smooth cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.

Like Heaven on Earth - a Review of the first day of Lollapalooza 2019 7

Hayley Kiyoko declared that “20-gay-teen is forever” on the Lake Shore stage, adding to “love yourself” and spreading positive vibes through her music and joined by her gifted backup dancers, who the audience also loved.

Hozier set the stage ablaze with a smoldering performance and blistering violin playing and was joined by Maggie Rogers who will be playing today on the Bud Light stage at 4:45.

Perhaps one thing that was disappointing this year was not having a printed schedule/map available. Both media and fans alike were heard expressing frustration in not having it available to plan your Lollapalooza better. While we understand and appreciate the desire to be environmental friendly, the Lollapalooza app (with its dark color scheme and the bright sun making it very difficulty to see) and the poor cell phone reception make this not one of the better choices to have made. I would recommend you printing the schedule and map to make it easier for the remaining three days.

Speaking of which, we have 3 more amazing days here to enjoy, so let’s get out there and get your LOLLA on!

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