Life Sentence

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Biography: Life Sentence is a hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois. The band got it’s start in 1984 with the line-up of Ray Morris (Vocals), Eric Brockman (Guitar), Joe Losurdo (Bass) and Tom O’Connor (Drums). Their split at the seams self-titled debut album, constant touring and eye catching logo gave Chicago’s Life Sentence international recognition.

Midway through recording their debut record, Ray Morris was fired and the band continued on as a three-piece with Brockman and Losurdo sharing lead vocal duties. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1987 on Walkthrufyre Records. It received critical acclaim from all corners of the industry. Maximum Rock N’ Roll called it, “Melodic hardcore at it’s best.” Faces and Suburban Voice positioned it their top ten lists of 1987-1988.

They toured coast-to-coast as headliners or as support to a literal who’s who of the metal-core top guns. The admiration for the band went further than just the press. Sporting Life Sentence t-shirts, members of Metallica, C.O.C., D.R.I. and other notable friends popped up in pages in some of modern music’s most prestigious magazines such as Kerrang, Rip and Spin. The song “Punks For Profit” became an anthem to many college and alternative audiences.

With their second release, “No Experience Necessary”, Life Sentence proved they were unquestionably one of the premier bands in the alternative hard rock arena and simply embodied everything that is hardcore. “No Experience Necessary” found leader Eric Brockman (Vocals, Guitar) spearheading his band to yet another challenge. With Jeff Hauck (Bass, Vocals) and Gustav Chumpske Roman (Drums), the thirteen tracks defined the sound that Brockman envisioned since forming the band in 1984. With scorchers such as “Tour Till Death”, “Gun Control” and “Win, Lose or Sue”, the raw urgency hinted at on their first release, came full circle.

After numerous tours to promote “No Experience Necessary”, Roman (Drums) left the band due to illness. Brockman recruited Dave Rosato (Drums) and quickly went into the studio. The outcome was a three song 7”. The opening track “More Punks For Profit” recalls the muscle and aggression that became the bands signature. Hauck took over the vocals for a slash & burn version of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” while “The Ballad” was a slower piece that showed Brockman expanding his already extraordinary abilities as a song writer. It was a powerful release from a band that maintained their convictions and earned respect along the way.


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