Lever Continuing To Keep Live Music Alive Amidst Pandemic

Lever Continuing To Keep Live Music Alive Amidst Pandemic 1

Since the beginning of the pandemic, live music has practically disappeared from artists large and small all across the world. Lever, a 4-piece alternative rock band out of Chicago featuring Job Babin on guitar and vocals, Jeff Aquino on guitar, Brandon Erker on bass guitar, and Michael Reinhold on the drums, are finding new ways to bring live music back to their fans.

On January 27th, the band went live through audiotree.tv and played a short seven-song 25-minute set that included “Code Name Killer,” “And I,” “All Away” (a brand new unreleased song), “Young & Poor,” “Lucky,” “Who Cares,” and finished the set with “Best For Last.”

You could see the energy and excitement that you can expect from a Lever live show throughout the performance. Even though they weren’t live and in front of an audience, they created a captivating show that keeps the viewer’s attention for the entire 25 minutes and leaves you wanting more.

On February 17th, the band took their outstanding performance and released it as a live album found on all major streaming platforms. The performance is truly a fantastic display of their musical ability and their showmanship. Lever has been together since 2012, and they are showing no signs of stopping despite the obstacles they are facing during the ongoing pandemic.

Check out the live session here:

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