Les Techno’s New Single Will “Make You Feel Good”

By Zoe Elerby

New York based artist Les Techno recently released his newest single, captivating the hearts of his fans and new ones to come. With clear lyrics, a simple theme, and a uniquely recognizable combination of sounds, Les Techno’s April release “Make You Feel Good” has already reached well over his 268 monthly Spotify listeners.

After performing with Mob Deep and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as having his own song “Edge of the World” reach #20 on the Indie DRT Chart, Les Techno has been focusing mainly on his own solo work. His sound could be described as 80s techno with a fun mix of bumping synths and an alternative twist. “Make You Feel Good” has a sound that is intimately familiar with the 80s sound, Les’ voice is slow and melodic like David Byrnes of Talking Heads.

The track begins with an 80s synth and a series of rapid beats in the background of the synths. Les’ voice is quickly introduced in a low, captivating tone, telling the story of, in Les’ words, “…Something I know too much about.” An impressive electric guitar is introduced, the artist tickling the chords as the story continues.

“Swept off her feet by a guy she happened to meet, so they moved in together and whispered into each other’s ears. Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel good? Do I make you feel good? Does it make you feel good when you tear my heart away?’”

It’s always interesting when a musician decides to tell a story from a third-person perspective. Whether they are the person being described or someone who isn’t involved, the listener gets to experience the story without needing to get too close, such as they would with a song that uses personal pronouns.

“They moved their kids up to the country where she could run free. Now she’s back from the farmer’s market, up the driveway in her SUV. He got her what she wanted, a postcard house on a piece of land. But she’s still unhappy. Unhappy for a choice she didn’t understand.”

“Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel good when you tear my heart away? Does it make you feel good when there’s nothing left to say?”

Now the story has taken a shift. Les gives us a time skip of where the new couple is now, apparently, they’d moved in together and started a life, even had a couple of kids. But the sweet budding love of a young romance does not remain, that’s when the question of “Do I make you feel good?” shifts tones. Now the relationship is different, the romance is not quite the same, and one-half of the couple just wants to know if it’s still worth it if the other is clearly unhappy.

The beat and synths have a steady beat, giving the vocals center stage. The frequency of long pauses gives the listener the chance to fully absorb the story the artist is telling. The overall sound is perfect for catering to the nostalgia of the 80s as well as keeping the same swagger and beat from the artists that were most prominent during that time.

The content is familiar, the subject of heartache (or the exact opposite) is popular in music but it was especially popular during the late 70s and throughout the 80s because artists had the freedom to experiment. And Les Techno’s “Make You Feel Good’ is a wonderful homage to that time. The familiarity of “Make You Feel Good” is keeping the impact the 80s had on modern music. You can listen to “Make You Feel Good” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

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