The Human Lard Dog and The Band of Shy, featuring a six-piece band and the atomic-powered vocal cords of Honey Babe, Schwington Boogie and B. Happy, is here to do one thing—give some wang dang diddle to your inner soul. Plan to dance, sing, and cry—tears of sheer joy!

Lard Dog and Band 1

Who is the Human Lard Dog? He’s the alter ego of artist Steven Erdman, who’s work spans cartooning, animation, songwriting and live performance. As Lard Dog he’s like a cartoon character come to life. Or maybe he’s the other way around, complete with his musical, whimsical, and comedic sensibilities, a real-life character who crossed over into the realms of your imagination.

Okay, so there is some silliness afoot. Just look at any photograph and there’s a fellow in yellow shorts with a name plate that reads “LARD,” an acronym for “Life’s A Real Dream.” There are songs about “Yum Yum Head Gear,” a blue-tongued fellow named “Ploop,” and a smash hit dance craze called “The Pooky Do”. Lard Dog sings his super catchy original songs with a voice hailed by critics as a cross between Chet Baker, Hank Williams, and a wood chipper.

Lyrically, Lard Dog takes a dash of Dada, adds a sprinkle of Lewis Carroll logic, a teaspoon of beat poetry’s rhythmic alliteration, and a cupful of lists of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink. Words are selected for the fun sounds they make and the funnier images they conjure. It’s word play mixed with Play-Doh, the sort of free-form silliness that invites young minds to dig in and start molding. For something that’s as on-the-surface wild and energetic, moments of introspection and reflection abound. While you may not know what the songs mean at first, you don’t doubt that the Lard Dog believes every word. This lends weight to catch phrases like “shyness is power,” “you’re small, but your heart is tall,” or “it’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.”

So do you have some toes for tapping? Do you like to sing and dance? Do you like pie? Or pretzels? If so, then get ready to boogie. The Human Lard Dog and The Band of Shy have the perfect collection of tunes for you and your family. It’s going to be a HOO-LA-LEE.