Language not a barrier for Jesse Baez at Lollapalooza

Jesse Baez kicked off Lollapalooza 2018 at the Lake Shore stage. His Guatemalan R&B attracted a large Latin crowd. One girl draped herself with a Mexican flag while singing along to every song.

But Spanish speakers were not the only people who enjoyed the set. English speakers were also drawn to the catchy beats. While festivals are usually slow to get started, Baez got the whole crowd, regardless of race or language, dancing by the end of his set.

Between songs, he spoke with the crowd, sharing bits of his life story. The show itself is simple, with no crazy lights, gimmicks, or choreographed dances.

But Baez doesn’t need all that. With just himself and a drummer, he pumped up the crowd with pure talent. Even if you don’t know what he’s singing about, it’s clear that Baez is one to watch.

Language not a barrier for Jesse Baez at Lollapalooza 4


JESSE BAEZ is an R&B enthusiast, singer, and songwriter born in Chicago. At the age of 6, Baez moved to Guatemala where he spent most of his youth. From an early age he was exposed to Motown and R&B: Jesse found his voice through collaborations with artists and producers from Latin America, combining his R&B style with lyrics in Spanish. He is one of the first R&B contemporary artists that have emerged in Latin music.

Jesse launched his first EP called B A E Z, a collection of 7 themes that quickly positioned him as one of the most relevant urban artists of the year. He recently dropped his latest EP Nitro and is collaborating with A CHAL, C Tangana, as well performing shows with J Balvin, C Tangana, and A CHAL.

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