Kodie Shane, BlocBoy JB and Trippie Redd at The Riviera Theatre

On Thursday, February 13th, Kodie Shane and BlocBoy JB opened for Trippie Redd at The Riviera Theatre as part of the Love Me More Tour. “Love Me More” is one of the songs off of Redd’s latest album, “A Love Letter To You 4.” The show kicked off with an intimate performance from Chicago’s Flash Gotti, who took his shirt off early on in his set, and climbed across the barricades, embracing fans and smoking a blunt. Kodie Shane followed with a passionate performance full of dancing and even singing.

Shane, who hails from Atlanta but spent some of her childhood here in Chicago, blessed the audience with her enticing dance moves and seduced them with her spooky stare. Shane’s facial expressions alone were enough to captivate the crowd, but when she stopped vocalizing completely to let her energetic dancing take over it only drew them in further.

At one point she handed out a bouquet of plastic, lit-up roses that said “Kodie Shane” on them to audience members. The rest of her set was also reminiscent of her 2018 project “Young HeartThrob,” including performances of “High Speeds,” “End Like That” and more. Though primarily a rapper, Shane has also been known to include some soulful runs in her music, and Thursday’s performance was no exception. Throughout her set she got creative with melodies, diverging from what fans expected and cultivating a new, authentic experience.

Shane’s performance was followed by a set from BlocBoyJB, who performed hits like “Rover,” “Look Alive,” which features Drake, and “Hard” featuring Tay-K. The Memphis rapper did a great job warming the crowd up for the headliner, maintaining an infectiously positive energy throughout his performance. After BlocBoy JB’s set and 45 minutes of the crowd chanting his name on and off, Trippie Redd finally graced the stage, nonchalantly smoking a blunt. He actually changed shirts on stage while smoking, as an opening monologue played. The Ohio rapper smoked throughout his performance, too, taking time to roll blunts between songs. Throughout his set, Redd transitioned from the chilled out mentality he had walking onto stage into a lively, engaged mindset that let him connect with the crowd who had waited hours to see him. The stage was decorated with mushrooms, greenery and flowers, some of which had faces. In accordance with the name of the tour, there was also a giant heart suspended in the air that lit up in every color.

The Love Me More Tour continues throughout early April, with shows across the country as well as in Europe.


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