Kidzapalooza – Lollapalooza’s other festival

Review & Photo by: Dennis M. Kelly

In my (now) three years personally covering Lollapalooza for Chicago Music Guide, I have not had the chance to fully explore the Kidzapalooza section of Lollapalooza, but this year, I brought the best judge with me to determine just how awesome Kidzapalooza really is, my own daughter.

Arriving early on day one of the festival, we were greeted warmly and informed about the Kidzapalooza passport in which each child will receive a stamp in their passport book for each station they participate in, completed passport booklets will earn the child an official Kidzapalooza lapel pin.

There were 12 stations (tents) in which the children could explore, which included, Print a Tote, Craft Station, Music Video Workshop, Lifeway Snack and Play, Kidza Lounge, DrumZone, Tattooz, Kidza Theater, Hip Hop Workshop, Punk Hairdooz, Snow Cones and the Rock Star Photo Booth. While we were definitely early birds catching the worm, we were under a bit of a time constraint and were only able to complete 8 of the 12 activities in the passport, before the first performance from the great Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats at noon.

Kidzapalooza - Lollapalooza's other festival 4

My daughter and I had watched the video for “Our Garden” by Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats prior to attending Lollapalooza, so she immediately had a connection with them and throughly enjoyed their performance. Here is their official website, if you’d like to learn more about them: and you can watch the video here.

Unfortunately, after my daughter got to see BMI artist Larkin Poe, I had to get her back to my wife outside of the festival, but I brought her back to Kidzapalooza for day 4 of Lollapalooza to complete her passport activities, earn her pin and enjoy a little bit more of Lollapalooza too.

Of all the activities she enjoyed most, she enjoyed crafting the dreamcatcher at the craft station, but she also had an unexpected surprise by meeting Berklee College of Music artist, Emilia Ali who was helping out at the Music Video Workshop. Emilia was so nice, not only to my daughter, but she is such a friendly person to talk to and interview with some great music under her belt as well. Check out her official site out here:

From my (parental) observations of Kidzapalooza, I would have to say that each station collectively engaged the children each in their own unique and very fun ways and allowed them to bring home some nice mementoes of their experience as well. From the beautiful photo from the Rock Star Photo Booth, to the personalized Print a Tote and of course the Craft Station allowing them to bring him their own creations. Kidzapalooza thoroughly entertained my daughter and allowed her the best memory of her first festival experience that will live with her forever.

Thank you very much to all who made Kidzapalooza such a wonderful experience for myself and my daughter:

Check out some great live photos here!




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