Kelli Ali

Biography: I’ve been making records for almost half of my life. My love of music has most probably saved my life a thousand times and I can remember in the early days of my childhood, being spell bound and hypnotized by the wonderful music all around me. I still am.

I joined my first band when I was 16 and in my early twenties, I joined a band called Sneaker Pimps. We made an album called Becoming X in the mid 90’s and for a couple of years, we toured all over the world with the album.

My new album Band of Angels will be released in February 2013

In 2010, I collaborated with the Swiss pianist Ozymandias to create the classically inspired ‘ A Paradise Inhabited by devils’ album.

In 2009, I released an acoustic album called Butterfly.

In 2008, I released Rocking Horse, my first completely independent album which was produced by the composer Max Richter.

Making records has become my primary interest in life. Each record I make means some new challenge, some different way of looking at things. Recorded sound is magic to me and sound itself is such an illusory and obscure medium, I have found working with sound and music to be the most fascinating and rewarding experience for both the mind and heart.

I continue to be an independent recording artist, I have spent the last couple of years working on my new solo album Band of Angels. Thanks to my wonderful listeners who Pledged to make this album possible, it is now complete.

In 2001, I signed a solo record deal with One Little Indian records. My two previous solo albums, Tiger Mouth (2003) and Psychic Cat (2004) were both released on One Little Indian records.

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