Jory Avner

Jory Avner is a Singer-songwriter based out of Chicago Illinois. Blending traditional Folk style lyricism and guitar with Synth/Rock soundscapes, he strives to create an atmosphere that is both deeply textured and yet succinct in terms of narrative.

Jory has been writing and performing music for over ten years, evolving from bedroom songs and recordings to fully realized multi-instrumental arrangements. After releasing his first solo album ‘Somewhere In Between’ in 2015, he immediately began work on his follow up album ‘Far and Away’ which features a full band and is available now.

On March 9’th, 2018 Jory released his third full length studio album ‘Far & Away’ with a live performance on Radio Depaul. He has been featured alongside other notable songwriters in the Uncommon Ground: Groundup series and Shure Open Mic finals, and continues to headline solo acts on a regular basis. Jory Avner is a Potbelly Co. Musician, co-founder of the artist community ‘Half Glass Records’, and has been featured in Chicago Music Magazine’s ‘Local Pulse’.

Recently Jory has been performing around the city of Chicago, and surrounding areas. He was featured in an interview on WZRD 88.3 FM and as a returning performer in the Lagunitas Songwriter Showcase. He is currently planning a tour for select cities in both the U.S. and Canada.

Additionally, Jory is a member of the Chicago based Prog/Rock band ‘Plastic City’ and is helping to record and produce their first EP.

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