Jon Babin Live at Chicago Music Guide [GALLERY]

Photos © 2020 by: Dennis M. Kelly

Photos © 2020 by: Dennis M. Kelly

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Jon Babin – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jeff Aquino – Guitar/Vocals
Brandon Erker – Bass
Michael Reinhold – Drums

Formed in 2012, Lever is a four-piece original grunge/pop/rock band taking influences from artists such as Nirvana, The Vines, Oasis, and Speedy Ortiz, to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.

In 2018, Lever was awarded “Best Rock Entertainer” at the 37th Annual Chicago Music Awards, and in 2017, Lever was voted “Best Rock Band” by the Chicago Reader’s Poll. Alongside their full-length Hover Bored (2015) and their recent EP Ms. Lead (2017.)

Lever’s brand new full-length album Douse, is available now!

Lever has shared the stage with national touring acts, such as RED, Saving Abel, The Dead Deads, Night Ranger, Summer Cannibals, Diarrhea Planet, Doll Skin, City of the Weak, Stitched Up Heart, Darling Parade, and The Composure.



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