Jean Deaux – Watch This! (EP Review)

Jean Deaux is far more than just a reliable feature. The last three years have brought us three concise, replay-able projects from her- each representing a significant milestone in her artistic evolution. This year’s rendition came to us early this month and proves that Deaux can find cohesion in any variant of either hip-hop or r&b. And for those that didn’t know, Watch This! proves, perhaps above everything, that Jean Deaux can rap. Like, when you have that conversation about the rap talent that blossomed out of Chicago in 2013 and 2014, and you say names like Mick Jenkins, Saba, and Joey Purp, you’d be remiss not to mention Jean Deaux.

When COVID hit and we all foolishly thought we’d be in the crib for a short time until it passed, Jean Deaux put out two freestyles within weeks of each other. In the 151 Rum Remix she impersonated some of her doubters by rapping, “JD no rapper, JD not hard, never seen the bitch do a track with no bars, don’t that bitch sing? What’s that one part?” clearly proving them wrong in one minute and 56 seconds- the length of the freestyle. But little did we know that it’d be a predecessor to a bar-riddled 7-song mixtape. As if her response to her doubters was just simply, “Watch this!”

Standout Tracks: OK!, Valid!, & Recipe!

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