J.Lamotta – Can’t Refuse (music video)

J.Lamotta – Can’t refuse is taken from BRAND NEW CHOICE (EP) available 26th of June 2020 released by Jakarta Records. LINK: https://JLamotta.lnk.to/BrandNewChoice

Music and production by J.Lamotta and David Thornton
Mixed by Axel Reinemer (JRS, Berlin)
Mastered by Nicolas De Porcel (Million Dollar Snare, Sacramento)
Directed by Nimrod Weißlöwe and J.Lamotta
Edited and coloured by Noa Biron
Sound system by Tel Aviv Dub Station
Light by One a way
Hair and make up by Ravit Elishakov

Big thanks to Adi Kaiser, Ori Cohen, Dor Vallan and Ohad Cosmos


At least you know what’s up but can’t tell you to stop
You said that you won’t fuck up
You‘ve got only one role, only one role
So why should I be the one who’s taking control here?

You ask me for a hug, it’s like you give me my drug
Boy I can’t refuse I’m taking it
Won’t you give it to me right now, give it to me right now
Cause I just need some lovin here

I can’t refuse I’m taking it
Can’t refuse my body just saying it
I can’t refuse I’m taking it
Can’t refuse so don’t judge me

I just wanna take off your clothes
I just wanna feel you close
I just wanna stay up with you all night long

I didn’t ask you to be mine
Yet the stakes are pretty high, tell me, why should I be taking it?
I’ve been learning on my own, there’s no right or wrong
Tonight we shouldn’t sleep alone

I can’t refuse I’m taking it
Can’t refuse my body just sayin it
I can’t refuse I’m taking it
Can’t refuse so don’t judge me

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About J.Lamotta

Berlin-based artist, J.Lamotta went through blues, jazz, hip-hop, soul, self-produced beat making to her latest RnB feel. Lamotta was born in Tel Aviv to a family of Moroccan descent, a thing that affects her aesthetic and stylistic choices in a significant yet subtle fashion. She blends Lauryn Hill, J Dilla, Marvin Gaye, Aaliyah and Billie Holiday into her music whilst maintaining a unique voice in today’s music. The intimate and personal expression has always been the main elements in Lamotta’s songs.


Official: http://www.jlamotta.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jlamottasuzume/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamottaJ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.lamotta.suzume/

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