J Reid talks with Susie Blue about her new album "Blue Train" 1

I recently had the chance to interview Chicago singer Solitaire Miles aka Susie Blue about her new album “Blue Train” that she recorded with her band the Lonesome Fellas. 

“BLUE TRAIN” is a wonderful collection of rarities from the late 1950’s – 60’s, a time when when so much was evolving in modern music. There were many influences like Swing, Blues, Jazz, Roots and Gospel, all being mixed together by the Icons of the day. On their new album you will hear a little of Ruth Brown, Sarah Vaughan, Kay Starr and Patsy Cline, all blended together in Miles‘ interpretations of these songs. With solid accompaniment and outstanding solos by Grammy winning Chicago musicians like harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy, Sax Maestro Eric Schneider, and guitarist Neal Alger, Miles vocals glide effortlessly through classics like “Sweet Baby of Mine” , “The Peter Gunn Theme” or Hummin’ to Myself” with such authenticity that you think you are hearing a recording from the past and not a new hybrid recreation. She applies her luscious, slightly smoky voice to this collection of standards and originals and you‘ll think that she’s opened a hole in the fabric of  time and stepped right out of 1959.” – J Reid, Chicago Music Guide