Matt Baugher

Kile Galliart

Ryan Juravic

Brian Morrissey

Biography: For the last several years, InchWORM has quietly, yet forcefully carved it’s own niche in the Chicago underground music scene. Created from the odds and ends of classic rock, folk, indie and alt-country, this cutting edge foursome revives rock-and-roll from the dismal spatterings of modern media hype and movies into the future with heart-felt songwriting and well crafted musical hooks.

While grooving to a set of live music from InchWORM, one may be reminded simultaneosly of early seventies Neil Young, or the Rolling Stones, or of Wilco. Chaotically defined, and manically delicate, the strive for the listener to explore different terrain with each passing refrain. Images of sun-drenched Monterey may be coupled with the harsh winter streets of an unforgiving city. Yet from this seemingly hectic situation, concise songwriting and flawless execution spring forth into a triumphant culmination of emotion.

InchWORM’s critically acclaimed, early 2003 debut “Outlying Areas” has garnered praise from publications such as Illinois Entertainer, and earned the a sparkling on-air review from Chicago disc-jockey James Van Osdol. New material is already being recorded and performed. All in all, any band that has the musical chops InchWORM has, can be expected to raise some eyebrows and earn respect and recognition from the people hearing them.