« Here is a new face coming from France. Dedicated to set the music wold on fire ! » – Global Entertainment Network The Old School Project

I Am Fire Paris is a modern outfit from France which strives to bring back the concepts of “Rock”, “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Star” at the forefront of the stage!
Our sound is influenced by all the great “classic” rock bands (AC/DC, Motörhead, The Cult, The Stooges, etc…) as they are slowly disappearing… Like them, we aim to be a “larger than life” band, and, to put it bluntly, we need you to help us make I Am Fire Paris the biggest rock act in the world !!

Our 1rst single, “Die Bitch!” appeared on the Dooweet Agency sampler, “Heavy Christmas”, that distributed 10 000 copies.
“I Am Fire Paris” has also been included on the playlists of several internet radios around the world (WTYT 960 USA, Banks Radio Australia, EGH Radio England, No name Radio France, etc…) and in the pages of several online music magazines (Uncivil Revolt USA, White Noise Magazine USA, The Old School Project USA, etc…).

I Am Fire Paris are: singer/songwriter/guitarist/ ASCAP Popular songwriter awardee Jeff Rockker (Spun Smith – Henhouse Studios Records, Radio Mars – ii Music, Los Angeles, California) and producer/guitarist Seb Bonnet. (Temple Of Silence, Zuul-fx, Ego Miss Blinded, etc…)