Global Music Podcast 05

Global Music Podcast 05 1Jon Fratelli – Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name

Biography: JON FRATELLI – Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and front man from The Fratellis announces details of a new single “Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name” out today. You can listen to it HERE. “Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name” is taken from Jon’s forthcoming solo album. Bright Night Flowers which will be released on February 15th via Cooking Vinyl.

Jon talks about the new track by saying, “I guess you could say ‘Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name’ is a lullaby. Not the kind that you sing to your kids to send them off to sleep but the kind that you might serenade the world weary with. The title itself says all that needs saying… dream any dream you like, whether it’s a nightmare or a tale of bliss it’s all the same in the end but you might as well dream yourself some bliss after all no one is keeping score!”

The album was recorded in Scotland during the summer of 2018 and was self-produced with the help of a long-term friend, musician and producer Stuart McCredie (Simple Minds, Echo & The Bunny Men, Belle & Sebastian, The Fratellis).

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Global Music Podcast 05 2Only Yours – Hamburg

Biography: Lead by acclaimed songwriter, Lowell Sostomi, Only Yours is a Toronto-based Indie project amercing the listener in high energy, driving choruses and epic, emotionally charged ballads.

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Global Music Podcast 05 3Grace Weber – Mercy

Biography: Grammy Award winning recording artist Grace Weber grew up singing in the Central City Youth Gospel Choir of Milwaukee, before gaining recognition for her performances on Showtime at the Apollo and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Grace’s new project is produced by Nate Fox, Nico Segal (fka ‘Donnie Trumpet’) and Peter Cottontale of the Social Experiment, each producers on Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’. Grace co-wrote and sang with Chance the Rapper & Kanye West on ‘All We Got’, the first track on Chance the Rapper’s critically acclaimed, Grammy Award Winning ‘Coloring Book’. Grace also co-produced and is featured on ‘Still Thirsty’ and ‘Prideful’ on Compton rapper Boogie’s well received mixtape ‘Thirst 48 Part II’, and is featured at the end of Francis Starlite’s ‘May I Have This Dance’. Grace is also featured on Chicago rapper Towkio’s “2 Da Moon”.

Grace is also the founder of The Music Lab, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Wisconsin that builds community through the power of music, by offering a free music education and career preparation program available to high school aged youth of all backgrounds ( For more information about Grace, please see

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Global Music Podcast 05 4Nao Yoshioka – I Love When

Biography: SoulTracks’ 2015 New Artist of the Year, who combines a powerful voice and New York-styled delivery to create a modern taste still deeply rooted in the history of soul. Since her single “Make the Change” was released by SWEET SOUL RECORDS in 2012, she has received praise from a number of soul music veterans including Grammy-winning Gordon Chambers and Grammy-nominated Eric Roberson.

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Global Music Podcast 05 5Maggie Lindemann – Would I

Biography: After over 700 million career streams to date, rising alterna-pop icon Maggie Lindemann opens up and bares all in her new track, “Would I,” premiering on PAPER Magazine.

From the opening moments of the track, we’re greeted with a somber guitar riff layered against Maggie’s brooding vocals, as she walks us through a narrative that pieces together her experiences with mental health issues while navigating the fast paced lifestyle of Los Angeles.

She explained- “Would I” is about the inner struggles you face when dealing with mental illness, mine being depression for this song. Not feeling good enough, not feeling like you deserve love or happiness. Struggling with how to find yourself and trying to find happiness in substances. Going out every night to forget real life or even forget your name. It’s just about feeling hopeless and wanting a way out. I want people to realize mental health IS very serious. People need to stop being so hard on each other and start loving on each other.”

Maggie, who suffers from depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager, hopes that by opening up about her struggles, it will help others who are going through the same thing. She told PAPER – “singing helps so much, and writing it down and being in a room and getting those feelings out, it definitely does help a lot. That’s what I hope for for other people, too.”

“Would I” follows the release of her song, “Human”- another dark alterna pop cut that had an accompanying video inspired by the character of Lydia from Beetlejuice. Maggie, who recently opened for Khalid in Japan, has spent the last few months in the studio perfecting her elegantly crafted modernist pop.

Maggie made a huge breakthrough with ‘Pretty Girl’ which became one of the world’s biggest selling singles of 2017. Maggie’s appeal has a global reach, and also has Platinum and Gold records not only in her home country of the United States, but also in key territories including and Australia, Germany and Norway. Maggie has been tipped by Vogue, People, NYLON, Cosmopolitan and others, and her immense popularity is underlined with 3.1 million followers at Instagram.

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Global Music Podcast 05 6Lola Kirke – Monster
Photo credit: Wyndham Boylan-Garnett

Biography: At sixteen, Lola Kirke discovered Gram Parsons and the Cosmic American genre he defined. In spite of being a New Yorker by the way of London, Kirke felt a strong connection to his country-rock sound. “For whatever reason, I thought I could resolve all my problems by just becoming him.”

Kirke is no stranger to shape shifting – as an actress with a steadily ascending star, she’s had major roles in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America, as well as the Golden Globe-winning Amazon show Mozart in the Jungle. While less in the fore, her passion for music has stayed constant, with her guitar following her from dressing room to dressing room.

Born to a musical family (her father is Simon Kirke, drummer of Bad Company and Free, and her sister is singer-songwriter Domino Kirke), Lola embarked on her own musical journey with her four-track EP released in 2016.

Tracked live to tape in East Los Angeles and produced by frequent collaborator Wyndham Garnett (Elvis Perkins In Dearland, WYNDHAM) her forthcoming debut LP asserts her as part of the artistic tradition she holds so dear: delivering her own heart, laid bare for someone else to hear as theirs. “It’s a really personal record about basically everything I though about in 2017 – time, family, loss, social injustice, sex, drinking, longing-essentially everything I’d talk about with a close friend for 40 minutes.”

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Global Music Podcast 05 7Myrkur – Bonden og Kragen
From her EP Juniper

Biography: Myrkur is Danish composer, vocalist and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Amalie Bruun. For her forthcoming Juniper EP, she’s joined forces with Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Solstafir) at Orgone Studios in Bedfordshire, England. The A side is a powerful new ballad “Juniper” on which Bruun stuns listeners with an infectious chorus and lush string arrangements. Both tracks exquisitely display Myrkur’s eclectic sound and captivating personality.

Myrkur’s 2017 sophomore album ‘Mareridt’, was released to soaring, worldwide critical acclaim from NPR, Rolling Stone, FACT, The Guardian, Revolver, Paste, Decibel, Kerrang! and many more. Since then, she’s toured the globe, including direct support slots for The Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Enslaved and more. Myrkur is currently on her first headlining European/UK run with sold out dates in Copenhagen, London, Bristol, Vienna and Glasgow. She has also confirmed a special Folkesange performance at Roadburn 2019. Check below for a full list of dates.

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Global Music Podcast 05 8Marley Carroll – Starlings
From the album, Flight Patterns

Biography: Flight Patterns by acclaimed electronic artist Marley Carroll is out today on Emancipator’s Loci Records. The release of the majestic, multifaceted album follows a series of well-received double singles taken from the album by the classically-trained producer and turntablist. Drawing inspiration from his natural surroundings in the mystical mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Marley displays remarkable dexterity on Flight Patterns, delivering a dynamic range of sumptuous electronica from jazzy, experimental downtempo numbers to breakbeat-infused and ambient micro-house tracks.

Flight Patterns opens with “Starlings,” a pastoral mission statement that combines driving footwork percussion with sublime gongs and wide-screen field recordings. “Shiver” answers the urgency of “Starlings” with a deep slow-motion house groove that relieves the tension and invites the listener to settle in.

“Seven Crows” explores vintage UK dubstep territory with growling analog Moog bass and a cavernous theme comprised of pointillistic blips. The mellow “Fireflies” recalls SAW-era Aphex Twin. “Migration” picks up the energy with a thick two-step groove peppered with chirping birds and sensuous analog synths.

The hypnotic “Luna Moth” features an effervescent guitar riff anchored by a bouncing dub bassline. “Monarch,” an early favorite of fans, combines the syncopated percussion of Kraftwerk with shimmering harps and chopped vocals. And the plaintive piano samples and textured vocals of album-closer “After Ours” conclude the Flight Patterns journey with a graceful, lingering melancholy. Marley’s blend of digital, analog and natural sources is an exercise in sophisticated and nuanced beat-making.

“I feel like sometimes the best thing you can do is to go outside and point a microphone at the sky,” Marley says. “Music studios are designed to be these perfectly-sealed enclosures where the environment is precisely controlled and you’re surrounded on all sides by a nest of reassuring technology. But now my attention has been drawn outwards towards bird songs, insect swarms, falling water, swishing tree branches and the expansive sonic colors of outdoor spaces. This elevated sensitivity to the interlocking rhythms of the natural world is at the heart of this record. I think it represents a widening of my perspective and a renewed appreciation for the astonishing totality of nature.”

Marley’s soundscaping skills have earned him justifiable comparisons with Four Tet and Tycho as well as praise from tastemaker outlets including Pitchfork, and NPR who called his early work “gorgeously subdued glitch pop.” Pitchfork agreed, stating, “Carroll hits a direct bullseye.” His sublime compositions have also landed him spots on tours with Floating Points, Bonobo, DJ Shadow, and The Orb to name a few stellar peers enamored of his work.

From beginning to end, Marley’s mix of digital, analog, and nature sounds is an exercise in sophisticated and nuanced beat-making.

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Global Music Podcast 05 9TYCHO – Jetty

Biography: As Tycho, Scott Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that extend into the horizon.

Hansen began releasing music over 10 years ago with The Science of Patterns EP. His first full-length, Sunrise Projector, came out in 2004, and the critical acclaim continued in 2006 with the release of Past Is Prologue. In 2011, his meticulous process saw the release of Dive, the first record in a trilogy that was followed by Awake in 2014 and, most recently, Epoch in 2016.

Epoch leverages the sonic aesthetic of Dive’s down-tempo vintage-style synthesizers and beautiful melodies while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake’s progressive composition and organic instrumentation.

The album made an extraordinary chart debut following its surprise release last September, entering Billboard’s “Top Dance/Electronic Albums” at #1 and earning Tycho its first ever GRAMMY® Award nomination for “Best Dance/Electronic Album.”

Over the course of the last decade, Hansen has developed from a delicate solo performer into the iconic frontman of a powerful four-piece live band that brings his compositions to life. Tycho has evolved from a singular to a plural, and from an electronic, ambient experiment to a live audio-visual experience that fans travel the world over to see.

Find out more about TYCHO at:

Global Music Podcast 05 10Acid House Ragas – Bhairavi

As a first generation Indo-Canadian, my upbringing had one foot in Indian culture and the other in Canadian/Quebecois culture. At home, I was exposed to Hindustani classical music, Bollywood, and the Bee Gees. The lines were always blurred, so it was a bit challenging to define who I was. This was a blessing in some ways as it allowed me the opportunity to find myself.

A big AHA! moment came when I first heard Ananda Shankar’s 70’s sitar-rock gem “Streets of Calcutta” – an inspiring blend of garage rock, synthy prog, and Hindustani classical. The nephew of Ravi Shankar, Ananda came from a long line of brilliant visionaries.

I felt inspired to focus on Indian classical music and sitar studies. Despite being a self-taught bassist/guitarist, I realized that I would require proper training to truly understand the sitar. Nearly two decades ago, I found my guruji, Uwe Neumann. From that point on, I practiced every day to create the music I was hearing in my head.

During those formative years of training, I felt a deep connection with raag Bhairavi. There is something so exotic but familiar in the melody. “Bhairavi” (stream it on your platform of choice) came from late night jams between myself and Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) at his Mile-End studio. I would arrive with a seed of an idea and then watch it grow into something I never thought possible.

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Global Music Podcast 05 11DOV – Save

Brooklyn-based, Tel Aviv-born queer pop artist DOV shares his debut “Save.” The song comes from his forthcoming Be Your Lover EP (due early 2019) and features fellow Israeli vocalist TESHA, who’s been featured by NYLON and Wonderland in the past. Fluctuant percussion punctuates layers of elegantly scraping guitar, ghostly reverb, and ominous detuned synth melodies beneath TESHA’s sweetly sinister vocal.

DOV says of the track, “‘Save’ is a cry for help – it’s a cry for people to COME OUT! We (TESHA and DOV) wrote the song together and both identify as clear queers, our concept and identity centering around coming out. “Save” is about being gay, being queer – it’s a spiritual movement about releasing yourself from your past, the house that you grew up in, and from society’s never-ending demands and constraining definition of sexual orientation.”

DOV is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dov Eagle. He moved to NYC from Tel Aviv after serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) until age 21. The son of a left-wing political activist, he migrated from Israel and its conflicted ideals as they didn’t fit life that he wanted to lead as a queer liberal musician and artist.​​​​​​​

Find out more about DOV at:

Global Music Podcast 05 12Far East Movement – Bamboo
Featuring: Chinese pop sensation Jason Zhang and soulful Asian-American songstress Kina Grannis.

The platinum-selling group that SPIN called “EDM pioneers” for fusing electronic, pop and hip-hop genres are proudly the first Asian-American artists to hit #1 on the Billboard Charts. Their discography boasts an unrivaled playlist for getting girls (and guys) on the dance floor.

Far East Movement has always had dance music in their DNA: their early breakout hit “Like A G6” established the LA trio as major dance commodities around the world. Their ever growing catalog of music (“Rocketeer,” “Girls On The Dance Floor,” “If I Was You (OMG),”just to name a few) has been supported by celebrated artists such as Skrillex, Diplo, and Afrojack. With alternative pop in their DNA, they’ve opened for Lady Gaga, Robyn, Rihanna and collaborated with Feist. Showcasing Far East Movement as one of the most exciting touring acts in dance music, they’ve performed at the prestigious music festivals including Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Spectrum Dance Music Festival, & Storm Festival.

Their album, Dirty Bass, spawned four singles that reached the top 10 of pop charts across the globe: “Turn Up The Love,” “Live My Life,” “Dirty Bass,” and “The Illest.” The group has stayed busy with a slew of collaborations on reputable labels such as Ministry of Sound, Dim Mak, and Ultra. Meanwhile their latest album, Identity, landed on top of the iTunes US Dance and Billboard Dance charts as they fulfilled a long sought after journey to explore their Asian and American identities and collaborated with artists to bridge the gap between both cultures.

Find out more about Far East Movement at:

Global Music Podcast 05 13Convey – Inside Out

Los Angeles-based alternative post-rock band, Convey, released their brand new single “Inside Out” on November 16th. This is the second track off the band’s debut LP on Revival Recordings following “Terror” which was released in October. Convey also released an accompanying stream video for the single which premiered with The Noise.

The themes behind “Inside Out” are something that everyone that listens can relate to. The track’s funky rock guitars rifts and upbeat feel are in direct contrast to the main concept of the song which is about dependency on someone or something that gives you answers in times of darkness, and the feeling of loss when those answers aren’t there.

When discussing the ideas behind the single, frontman Ben Cohen said, “This song is mostly about displacement, and how leaving everything that you are familiar with behind affects you and the people around you. The songwriting reflects feelings of personal sacrifice for the sake of freedom, something most people and especially artists can relate with in some way.”

Discussing the song musically, bassist Luke Dennis states, “Coupled with producer Jim Kaufman’s studio wizardry, Inside Out conjures up Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti era Led Zeppelin. Musically we were trying to explore a funkier vibe with laced with a more psychedelic dynamic while keeping the heavy swagger we like central to our sound.”

Convey pride themselves on putting their own spin on rock music that feels familiar but also looks toward the future of the genre. Having self-released an EP in the Fall of 2016 and their viral video hit “Speed Dial”, Convey has remained largely hidden for the past year, incubating ideas, fleshing them out, and not settling until the grooves cut as deep as the vocals soar.

Producer Jim Kaufman (Atlas Genius, Night Riots, Anti-Flag) has helped graft their appreciation for legendary acts like Led Zeppelin and Tool to a living love of Queens of the Stone Age and Circa Survive which has yielded their debut LP City of Skin and Bone set to be released on Revival Recordings in early 2019.

Find out more about Convey at:

Global Music Podcast 05 14Ronny Morris – I’ll Survive
From Sweet Silence

When Ronny Morris set out to record his debut album it was with the dream of creating a classic rock recording, inspired by some of his all time favorite artists, such as The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, REM and many more. But as times changed the music industry, finding support for his recordings, proved difficult.

Morris started out like many others, sending out his music to various record labels, and to larger film and TV production houses, such as Warner and Paramount. This led to several placements on major TV shows like One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters and the Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt,for which he received two Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

It wasn’t until he connected with Swedish producerAdam Kviman “Eagle Eye Cherry, Jewel” etc. that his recordings started taking the shape of an album. Kviman, quickly understood Morris’s vision, and the team ended up recording live strings for the album in Prague in collaboration with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

The Grammy Award winning mixer Steve Thompson best known for his work with bands like Guns N Roses, Metallica and the Rolling Stones ended up mixing the album in Toronto, Canada. It was mastered by one of Morris’s personal favorites, the engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York.

Being Passionate about classic rock albums, Ronny Morris saw no other alternative than to personally reach out to the British legendary art illustrator Storm Thorgerson, best known for his amazing cover art for Pink Floyd.

Stormloved Morris’s idea and his London based team started to create initial illustrations for the packaging. UnfortunatelyStorm passed away, before the cover was ever finished, so the Irish design team, Gary Kelly/Amp Visual, known for their exquisite work with Depeche Mode and U2, took over the project and finished what became the final sleeve design for the album release.

Inspired by electronic bands from the 80’s, Morris decided to team up with several DJ´s and house producers, creating remixes for what was to become the singles off the album. The first release “All About Love” proved its strength, and ended up on more than 35 compilations worldwide, including the world renowned “Buddha Bar”.

Besides being a passionate songwriter, Morris cares deeply for helping others in need. Growing up in a family struggling with both mental illness and alcohol abuse he felt a natural calling to help others. He would work night shifts at hospitals, bringing music wherever he went.

It was here that a young Morris noticed that people in pain would find great relief, simply from listening to music, which is why he has collaborated with organizations like Musicians on Call and Greenpeace on several ocasions. Morris has worked alongside Coldplay and Sir Paul McCartney for the international campaign, Save The Arctic.

The Debut album Sweet Silence will be a CO2 neutral release. This means that the carbon emissions that resulted from the production of these recordings has been neutralized through an arrangement with The CarbonNeutral Company, by planting trees that absorb the excess carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Find out more about Ronnie Morris at:

Global Music Podcast 05 15Damian McGinty – Geronimo

Singer/songwriter/actor Damian McGinty was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. His career began at the age of 13 when he recorded a charity CD, and his unmistakable talent and charisma quickly catapulted him into fame and success.

Selected in 2007 by producer Sharon Browne and musical director Phil Coulter to join the inaugural cast of Celtic Thunder, Damian quickly became a fan favorite for his friendly charm and his deep baritone voice. Following his own advice to “Dream Big,” Damian took his career to the next level by auditioning for the Oxygen network’s The Glee Project in 2011.

Out of 40,000 auditioners, Damian was chosen to appear on the show with only eleven other hopefuls. Extreme dedication and an intense work ethic took him to the final four, and ultimately he was chosen as one of two winners. As a winner of the project, Damian landed a guest star role in Fox’s hit television series Glee, as foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan. Initially slated to appear in just seven episodes, Damian was so popular his role was extended to finish out the rest of season three.

Damian self-produced an eponymously titled EP in late 2012. The 5-track album raced up the iTunes charts to hit #3 in the U.S. (as well as #1 in Ireland, Mexico, and Peru), selling more than 20,000 units to date. In 2013, Damian was busy back with Public Television.

First, he worked with former Celtic Thunder castmate Paul Byrom in Paul’s PBS special, This is the Moment, and then he appeared with child prodigy Ethan Bortnick in Ethan’s special, The Power of Music, which went on to be the #1 show on PBS. To the great delight of eager fans, Damian toured across the U.S. with Ethan in the spring and fall 2014 tours of “The Power of Music.”

2015 brought Damian back to perform with Celtic Thunder as a special guest on their “Very Best Of Celtic Thunder” tour, which led into 2016, one of Damian’s busiest years yet. He spent much of the year working on his first solo full-length CD, This Christmas Time, which he released in October.

The CD reached #2 on Billboard’s World and Holiday charts, and the CD and individual songs were featured on numerous iTunes charts both national and international. In that year, he also somehow found time to travel to Australia to tour with Celtic Thunder in spring 2016, join up with them again for a 72-city North American tour in fall, and then set off on his own first solo tour in December to promote the Christmas CD.

In early 2017, fellow Derry native, actress Roma Downey, and her husband, producer Mark Burnett, invited Damian to work with them to help launch a new MGM platform, Light Works Media, meant to deliver “heart-centered” content. Damian teamed up again with Celtic Thunder for a Symphony Tour in the fall, as well as a 10th Anniversary Celtic Thunder Cruise.

2017 also brought Damian back into the acting world, as he was cast in the lead role of his first feature film, the family Christmas movie Santa Fake, to be released in November 2018. In Santa Fake, Damian will be reunited with Glee co-star Heather Morris, and will act alongside Hollywood fan favorites Judd Nelson, John Rhys-Davis, Jeff Fahey, and more.

Damian’s first EP of original songs is set to be released in spring of 2018, to be followed on by a tour of North America (see the Tours page for more information).

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